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Explaining the Cultural Transformations of Service Industry

The outsourcing industry is regarded as one of the highest earning sectors that build the economy of that respective country to better heights. Thought it is a great success in the economic history the presence of cultural differences has stepped as an obstacle for the KPO industries to perform better. Numerous debates and discussion have ben continues till this date about the remedies that can solve these integral factors.

Today, BPO and KPO services are outsourced across the globe that can exhibit the communication skills along with the skills. As outsourcing can be possible in any geographical area, it can never be assumed that the cultural similarities will be same. The way of speaking, human knowledge, working outlines, beliefs, values and practices will be definitely different from others. All these variations in the cultural of that nation can bring some complexities while undertaking any foreign project. In addition, the organizational procedures and normal interactive patterns also differ from various countries.

If we take the example of U.S, we notice that the developed countries follow an informal work culture and an arrogant style of communication. A KPO service provider working in that country can easily understand the daily aspects, but what if the work has to be done by an Indian KPO? For Indians, communication is all about respecting a culture and would definitely follow a custom that is full of etiquettes. One more important aspect is the amalgamation of the professional and personal life in the work habit. This is a major problem that affects the outsourcing industries related to KPO services.

So, how can we eliminate these cultural barriers?

Solving of the cultural differences can be solved by two ways simply by stopping these cultural barriers to enter the industries dealing with outsourcing projects. The promotional initiatives of the companies should integrate some special training programs through which the staffs of a third party can be explained about the culture of that nation for whom they are working. Allow the manpower to practice the human behavior with the help of interactive sessions organized to achieve this purpose. It is advisable for the outsourcing industries to keep sidewise your judgments and prejudices. Only after that you can attempt to admit the offerings of the other culture. You have to work conferring to your work nation, also make an endeavor to respect their cultures. That is why it is said that you have to love that nation so that you can act like a citizen of that country.


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