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Call Centers India is The Transformer of BPO Industry in 21st Century

TransformThe power of call centre industry is cannot be denied by an entrepreneur that depends upon customer loyalty. If the target is to attain maximum business leads in a short time, the role played by our company is truly appreciable. As India’s only Cisco based call centre, CCI is empowering vast industrial sectors to follow customer relationship management in amalgamation with software and technical support services.

The application of right IT tools coinciding with latest telephony system have made us available to handle diverse business across the globe and establish a clientele that depends upon quality with a specific attention to time.

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Uses of Call Center Software

Call center software: Here are a few “musts” when  selecting call center software :-

1. Predictive dialer software: A predictive dialer is used in outbound call center applications, and can be implemented in either hardware or software, but software is cheaper. A predictive dialer is used to automatically call numbers stored in the call center database; identify disconnected numbers, busy signals, unanswered calls and answering machines.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software: IVR software is used in inbound call center applications, and allows you to setup an interactive set of pre-recorded menu options that a caller can select from, thus alleviating the need for live representatives to handle all incoming calls.

3. Automatic call distribution software: Automatic call center distribution software allows callers who are in a call queue to be routed to a representative efficiently. Such calls can be forwarded to the next available live person or to the most appropriate representative depending on the type and level of call as determined by the caller’s IVR menu choices selected.

4. Flexible database backend: A good database is a must for any call center software system, and this is not the place to skimp. You should be able to sort the contact list by any field to maximize efficiency. The call center database should also allow one to easily import, export, and convert data between different database format from leading vendors as well.

5. Flexible reporting options: Good call center reporting software allows you to view and print call center performance metrics based on customizable date ranges, by call center agent, by service level or any other parameter. Good reporting software can make a call center manager’s job much easier.

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