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Competition of Call Center Firms in Client Acquisition is Getting Complex

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10th Nov, Seattle: The need for client acquisition has become one of the most challenging tasks for the Call center firms. As the BPO companies are spreading like forest fire in most of the nations, it has become a great threat for the major BPO markets to face serious challenges in business acquisition from the overseas markets.

With the rising demands of customer support in the global sectors, it has become evident that the companies are trying to outsource their support from a company that offers everything in a cost-effective style. With the business awareness, most of the developing nations like India, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. The call centers of these countries are blooming at a speed that is snatching the business from the leading nations in Europe, Us and UK. It is because of the fact that these countries are much more specialized in the demanding areas of IT, accounts, finance, insurance, etc.

As the developing nations are emphasizing a great economic growth in these sectors, it has become prominent that even the government is assisting them to set the infrastructure to restore their hope and add a little to the economic standards. Business establishments have a sensation that the condensed prices simply don’t reimburse for the power to lose customers in these harsh economic times. There are certain issues that are being faced by the businesses are:-

· Communication between agents and customers

· Stability of the overseas location

· Stress in keeping business within the domestic country

· Worries over data safety

The established contact center locations in India, Brazil, Africa, etc. are preferred a lot now-a-days. These nations are positive about business prospects and are undertaking their outsourced projects without any worries. The Call center firms in these areas are sure that they are offering multifaceted services under a single roof in a cost that cannot be offered by anyone else in the globe. With this high commitment in business line, the major BPO markets have been threated of business loss and how they can actually compete with the demanding choices. No doubt these small countries are negligible in-front of the big markets, but their scope of success is always on top, especially when they are in high demand. The revenue from these countries was $9 billion in 2010. It has been estimated that the domestic outsourcing industry will earn around $11 billion by the end of this fiscal year with a growth rate of at least 20% in the coming year.

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