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Contact Centers & Your Company

Without strong contact centers, most businesses would be entirely blind to their customers’ needs. Contact centers are an absolute must-have in the brick and mortar web 2.0 world of today, and their prevalent need expands greatly beyond just that. Rather, contact centers are an incremental part of any business that interacts frequently – and on a personal basis – with customers and or clients. When you choose contact centers to represent the face, image and brand of your entity, only the very best will do. Let’s explore this realm of contact centers and outline what you should demand from the very best, and just what services they provide—so you can choose the best contact centers services provider for your needs.

Services That Contact Centers Offer & What to Demand From the Best
Think of contact centers as your main hub that connects your customers to your brand and image. The best contact centers offering the following desirable amenities:-

•    Expertly trained representatives that can interact in fluent English with customers and ensure that their needs are attended to.
•    Reps that can work to resolve any customer issues and increase customer retention and loyalty.
•    Technical support contact centers are very common for most products and services these days.
•    Web, chat and email support are essential tools for contact centers to offer during the present age.
•    Reps must be provided with the appropriate tools, as well as security protocols to best safeguard customers’ private information, as well as resolve their issues and provide service and support in a timely manner.
•    The best contact centers have a very low average wait time and a very short resolution time for customers.
•    Premium contact centers do not use deceptive billing practices, such as the dreaded round-off billing, and they offer flexible billing plans, too.

How to Know You Are Getting the Best Contact Centers Services
There are some rather easy ways to identify if you are getting the best contact centers services provider. Here’s a few good questions to ask: Can you listen to the reps’ voices on a recording so you know what your customers are hearing? Do the contact centers use state-of-the-art software, phone lines and equipment as well as security measures? Has the contact centers managed major campaigns before? Does the contact centers have onshore domestic reps that report daily to you? Will they provide quality assurance reports, and do they have a disaster backup plan? The best contact centers will have answers to all of these questions! And if they don’t … then it’s wise look elsewhere.


In which industry Employees’ are interested?

The world is transforming through an era that is dependent on an income source that gives a satisfaction in the job profile and the mental happiness. As the IT has changed the overview of the employment scene, the call centers have become one of the favorite options for the present generation to establish a secure career and maintain a status in magnitudes of customer orientation process. Call Center India is one the organizations where thousands of employees have excelled and show a perfection in rejuvenating the employment opportunity. IN reality call center has been regarded as an employer that has included a major section of the educated people under its umbrella and providing them with a podium to deliver excellence within short time.

Officially recognized as BPO industry or simply a call center, most of the world knows it also by customer care industry. Of course this is a fact, but the hidden industry within this bracket is totally marvelous and career oriented. Except from Business Processing Outsourcing, present day contact centers are also associated in delivering numerous services such as:

>Chat and Email Support
>Programming & IT Services
>Business Consulting
>IT Consulting
>Infrastructure Management
>Software Development.

With all these service you can merely imagine how dedicated the industry has become and where would it reach in the next decades. Experiencing shocking growth in couple of years, the call centers have been working as a great magnet that is attracting a major part of the global community to try their fortune in a career that has a charm in personality and monetary growth.

The CEO of Call Centers India exclaimed in a recent press release that the company been experiencing great revenue earning from numerous sectors that desperately needs customer care support and IT support for their customers 24×7. He also said that the firm focuses on business decorum and business ethics, having them understand that they are never ready to compromise with their duty in any market condition. Whether it is Christmas or Good Friday, the employees at CCI are prepared to deliver their commitment round the clock without missing a single call from the customers.

Therefore, CCI emphasize on hiring their staffs on daily basis and help the industries that require a lot of manpower to give a helping hand at any geographical location and time zone. This has not only increased the opportunity level for the aspiring youth but also for the people who want to excel in the mainstream IT.

Call Center India is an end to end CISCO powered company that utilizes 100 percent IP based network and CISCO technology platform. We work with individuals and entrepreneurs interested in balancing marketing costs while developing novice business prospects and partnerships through networking. The philosophy we follow is simple: We offer our efforts for personalized and professional clients to reach their targets with messages that have a business sense.

Competition of Call Center Firms in Client Acquisition is Getting Complex

call center firms

10th Nov, Seattle: The need for client acquisition has become one of the most challenging tasks for the Call center firms. As the BPO companies are spreading like forest fire in most of the nations, it has become a great threat for the major BPO markets to face serious challenges in business acquisition from the overseas markets.

With the rising demands of customer support in the global sectors, it has become evident that the companies are trying to outsource their support from a company that offers everything in a cost-effective style. With the business awareness, most of the developing nations like India, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. The call centers of these countries are blooming at a speed that is snatching the business from the leading nations in Europe, Us and UK. It is because of the fact that these countries are much more specialized in the demanding areas of IT, accounts, finance, insurance, etc.

As the developing nations are emphasizing a great economic growth in these sectors, it has become prominent that even the government is assisting them to set the infrastructure to restore their hope and add a little to the economic standards. Business establishments have a sensation that the condensed prices simply don’t reimburse for the power to lose customers in these harsh economic times. There are certain issues that are being faced by the businesses are:-

· Communication between agents and customers

· Stability of the overseas location

· Stress in keeping business within the domestic country

· Worries over data safety

The established contact center locations in India, Brazil, Africa, etc. are preferred a lot now-a-days. These nations are positive about business prospects and are undertaking their outsourced projects without any worries. The Call center firms in these areas are sure that they are offering multifaceted services under a single roof in a cost that cannot be offered by anyone else in the globe. With this high commitment in business line, the major BPO markets have been threated of business loss and how they can actually compete with the demanding choices. No doubt these small countries are negligible in-front of the big markets, but their scope of success is always on top, especially when they are in high demand. The revenue from these countries was $9 billion in 2010. It has been estimated that the domestic outsourcing industry will earn around $11 billion by the end of this fiscal year with a growth rate of at least 20% in the coming year.

Call Centers India provides eminent BPO solutions in the areas of inbound calling, outbound calling, telemarketing, software development, Outsourcing Services for industries such as finance, insurance, retail, IT, communications, etc. Vcare has adept experts for BPO experts and call center executives from its talented pool of outsourcing experts.

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Call Centers India is The Transformer of BPO Industry in 21st Century

TransformThe power of call centre industry is cannot be denied by an entrepreneur that depends upon customer loyalty. If the target is to attain maximum business leads in a short time, the role played by our company is truly appreciable. As India’s only Cisco based call centre, CCI is empowering vast industrial sectors to follow customer relationship management in amalgamation with software and technical support services.

The application of right IT tools coinciding with latest telephony system have made us available to handle diverse business across the globe and establish a clientele that depends upon quality with a specific attention to time.

A better explanation of Call Centers India can be explored at

International Call Centers – Making Your Search Easy!

Do you still remember that your business started with a very few clients and all your business operations were handled personally? But with the flow of time, a commitment in your mission has taken you to a height from where you would never like to go back. Still, your business needs proper attention and you need to take care of the consumers that have been continuously coordinating with your strategy.

Now, if your business needs an international level business then it is always recommended that you start to hire a third party BPO service provider that provides all your requirements without disturbing the present profit graph. The following part will guide you how to outsource an international call center and in which manner you can invest your capital in safe hands.

Comprehensive research is a basic step to start the process. You may find thousands of international call centers that offer the same services with varied cost. But in this case, it is very common that most of the business firms follow the pricing element. Sometimes, this turns out to be a great risk and your business can drown if falls on the unreliable counterpart. Check out the best outsourcing nations where the services are international and the cost -effective. You can take some references from the existing clients or give some personal visits to check out their business existence. There may be numerous fraud websites that can ruin you in seconds. Beware of these consequences!

The feedback from the customers can be a very crucial factor top judge the quality of services, an International call center provides. Customers can tell you the exact way in which methodology they streamlined their business activity. This is so far the best criteria to test the credibility to render contact center activities.

Cost is one important element that will determine your potential the level of services. There would be some companies whose demand may not match your budget and you might have to switch off that firm. The cost of the services would entirely depend upon the project duration and the efforts required fulfilling it within a deadline.

No matter your price factor may exceed your budget but make sure that the calling agents are giving the best services as per the standards of an international call center. Experience in the BPO industry is always counted on top but one thing, the use of technology equally contributes to the successful hiring of a global call center.

Call Center Technology – The Real Power Revolution

Call center technology envelops an extensive array of telecommunications software and hardware that include automated phone systems that can answer incoming calls and execute outbound autodialing. A call center is a part of an organization that is composed of call agents who perform tasks to either receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls. It is likely for centers to be fully automated without using any human agents in processing outgoing and incoming calls.

Typically, software applications that are linked to centers are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. Here are examples of center technology associated with the phone systems of call centers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)– This is a phone system that enables a computer to determine touch and voice tones through the use of a regular phone call. It is able to respond with fast-generated or pre-recorded audio to direct callers on how to continue. This system can be utilized to manipulate nearly all functions that may involve the breakage of interfaces into simpler menu options. When IVR systems are built, they scale well in general to manage huge call volumes.

Workforce Management (WFM) has become a vital responsibility for it. WFM has been updated with WFM software. This software is usually deployed in employee management, as well as in their HR administration, payroll and benefits, career succession, time and attendance, training management, talent management, forecasting, performance management and production supervision. Automatic job appointment and workforce management can be executed through the use of call processing programs.

A softphone is another center technology development that has been adopted by many call centers. It is an application that allows a laptop, desktop or workstation computer to work as a telephone. With this, the medium to transform telephone service and information is the computer network. The computer that is equipped with soft phone software is capable of performing the complete telephone features that are set using traditional systems that include functions like call forwarding and teleconferencing.

Customer Satisfaction Research– This approach has been popularly used by centers to lower costs on customer acquisition and boost repeat sales. Research like this has been successful while integrating both qualitative and quantitative data to identify the real feelings of customers about the company, product or service as well as determine the impact of those feelings to the bottom line. With available innovative telephone systems, customer satisfaction research functions are optimized.

Nowadays, it set more focus on providing the appropriate type of services to their clients while observing their needs and requirements. For call centers, helping their clients proactively can be one by utilizing new call center technology that goes beyond the conventional customer approach.

Top 4 Factors to Choose Among Call Center Companies

four factors to know while choosing call center companyThere are several factors that you need to keep in mind before choosing your BPO partner among the call center companies that are in the fray. These factors are important in their individual sense and also in tandem. The hiring of call center services involves a lot of money. Business firms have to be careful about the call center that they are getting onboard. The wrong partnership will lead to not just a loss of money and resources, but also a bad reputation for the client company and the brand of product/service that it is trying to sell. Here are some important features that a BPO service unit should have before it qualifies as a reliable business process outsourcing partner.

1. Work Experience:  This one is the numero uno factor on which call center companies must be shortlisted. The amount of BPO work that the call center has done in the past is a good sign of what it is capable of in the present and the future. The telemarketing firms that have covered a lot of ground in terms of projects will be more capable of tackling new ones. Work experience is something that cannot be bought with money or technology. Find out what domains the firm has provided call center services in. Check if they have already worked in the domain you want them to. Similarly, find out if they are working for your business rivals! You would not want to hire a BPO service firm and then find a conflict of interest.

2. Financial Stability:  Researching into the financial stability of call center companies is always a wise idea. A financially stable call center will be able to hire the required manpower and also invest in proper BPO technology. The call center services provider needs to buy the latest gadgets and equipment as well if they are to provide you with world class telemarketing services. Such technological investments are necessary to take your business to the next level.

3. Manpower:  Call center companies are nothing but brick and mortar and equipment merely toys without a call center services team that can make use of the resources to turn your lead generation campaign into a success. Trained and qualified call center agents make the BPO firm what it is. When you hiring a partner for telemarketing, ensure that you have a skilled team on hands. These skills don’t just refer to the way of conducting sales lead generation. It also includes the soft skills that agents need in answering service and the likes

4. Expenditures:  Though it comes so low in my list of requisites for hiring call center companies, this becomes the deciding factor. Costs are very integral for a business firm because of the financial crunch and the inflation, not to mention the poor economy. The costs needed to get your call center services done should not bear down heavily on your core business areas. Before inking the deal you must also ensure that you have made the right choice. So do an expenditure analysis before going ahead.

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