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Call Center Services – Myth and Truth

myth and truthProviding call center services to clients regardless of nature of business and size is the task performed by business process outsourcing companies. Call centers focus their attention on delivering satisfaction to both client s and their customers. The responsibility that rests on the shoulders of call center representatives is enormous since they need to please two different groups at the same time.

The tasks that call center representatives face are now easier to solve and fix. Telephone and other communication channels have made requests and queries easier to understand. Software programs and navigable interfaces have made documentation and troubleshooting a breeze for tech support representatives. Lastly, customer relations management is a burden no more to call center supervisors and owners as improvements to standard operational procedures and best practices are being modified on a regular basis.

Despite all the changes and progress in the call center industry, there are still instances when management and agents fail to deliver good, outstanding service. It is natural to expect only the best from call center companies as this is the only way that they are expected to serve their clients- superior contact center support.

Here are top myths that surround the call center services. These misconceptions have somehow slowed down and halted a lot of call center entities from reaching their business goals as a customer relations company. It is because of these myths that clients terminate their contract with a call center for their services and look for a better company that can deliver them premium, desirable results.
Customers are always right

Everyone is familiar with this phrase and should rightfully be followed when you are working in the call center industry. Call center services are rendered not only to consumers but also to clients who have obtained a company’s service to represent them over the phone, chat, and email channels.

Call center agents fail to understand that they have two sets of customers. In the context of providing services, they are mandated to follow strict guidelines from the client’s end. The rules of call handling that are directed from a company serve as a guide for call center representatives in order to achieve the two primary goals of clients- profitability and customer satisfaction.

However not all call center representatives abide by client rules. They allow the customers of their primary clients to take control of the call or situation. Agreeing or saying yes to every customer demands should never be the default action of agents. It should be remembered that not all complaints or problems experienced by customers are caused by faulty products and services that were purchased from the company you are answering for.

It is then essential to be firm and composed when answering client concerns and inquiries. Never sound distracted, scared, or worried while handling either an inbound or outbound call. Confidence and extensive knowledge of a client’s products and services is key to a successful customer call.

Longer Average Handling Time means Low productivity scores Call center managers drive their agents to resolve customer problems in record time. It seems like most call centers operate this way. Although low AHTs is one of the many best practices, it should be noted that hurrying up on a call is counterproductive. Rather than understand customer concerns, agents are forced to only pay attention to the time that they are supposed to answer queries and concerns. Call center agents are also forced to bypass quality control rules just so they can meet AHT metrics.

Productivity is a measure of customer satisfaction a call center representative was able to provide consumers without bypassing client guidelines and call center standard operational metrics. Being able to meet low AHT is a plus, but should never be the sole basis of agent productivity and client gains.
Front line customer service representatives are not proficient enough to deliver customer satisfaction

Front line or Tier 1 customer support representatives are the group of agents who answer general concerns and inquiries. This does not mean that they do not have sufficient knowledge about the company they are representing. Call center companies hire individuals with no prior call center experience as front liners as they are required to undergo trainings and product knowledge seminars while on the floor. Knowing how to answer and respond to basic customer needs should be learned and mastered by agents before they can advance to higher positions and even managerial posts.

There are Tier 1 agents who are equipped with extensive knowledge about the product. The problem only lies among those agents who lack confidence or show uncertainty when faced with irate and verbally abusive customers. Despite all these, tier 1 call center agents are more than able to provide resolution and satisfaction to customers who need basic and general answers to simple questions.
Chat and Email support do not work as well as telephone call center services

It is true that talking to a live person on the other end of the line is more comfortable and convenient to most consumers. However chat and email support can also be as efficient and effective in solving client inquiries, complaints, and problems. Chat support agents who answer to chat-based or email-based concerns are trained to answer them in a logical, structured, and prompt manner. It is actually more difficult to respond in such mediums as most consumers may not be able to express everything that they want to address in chat or email. It is then the responsibility of contact support agents to explain everything in a comprehensive manner and include information related to customer queries altogether. Resolution is also expected to be delivered to customers in a quick and prompt manner to increase customer satisfaction rates as well.


Call Center- The Nervous System of Global Business

Business development process in 21st century is ruled by various models that not only streamline your businesses to gain better clientele in short time but also cuts down a major part of the capital that is invested in the manpower and infrastructure.

If your business is expanding fast and you are facing serious problems to increase the capacity of the manpower you might have to face a deadline that would not only consume time for hiring the new but also to upgrade the facilities. In this aspect, the hiring of a third part company is preferably the best option that can immediately answer your voluminous call volumes and streamline the process with the better flow of business leads.

Call centers are no more a new concept. It has entered all the business lines and creating a revolution that any other company ever made. The call center technology is so amicable that every simple to complex business processes are run by it.

Advantages of Call Centers

1. The modern call center technology is so high that a call center can be established across any geographical location. With this added advantage, it has become possible for these companies to operate their business processes and connect to their customers in bulk. Immediate business is no more a challenge and companies can accordingly stretch their business policy within short –term phase.

2. Outsourcing to the call centers allow to reduce the operational costs and manual efforts that is usually seen while you tend to hire manpower for you own establishment. As the services are carried by professional, you can rely upon the service and ensure that your customers are being handled to a department that can handle all the complex communication process. The utilization of time-zones and inexpensive labor rates in different countries.

3. The telephony technology is upgrading at a faster pace. With this development, many organizations can easily upgrade their infrastructural facilities with the outsourcing process from the third party service providers. This will result to deliver better telemarketing services to the customers and retention rate would touch the sky.

4. Apart from handling the basic telemarketing, the modern-day BPO industries also provide diverse services such as e-mail marketing, fax, web-based queries, webinars, chat support, instant messaging, back office support and outsourcing technical support. All these services have become mandatory for effective business promotion and attaining client loyalty.

Call Center Services – Building Solid Customer Loyalty

building customer loyalty brick by brickThe role played by customer is always important in establishing the position of a business establishment. Customers can highlight your profile to a position in a short duration only if your organization can fulfill their specific demands in a prompt manner. Call center services are primary need in today’s business competition and playing an important role in reducing some vital costs that are usually spent on infrastructure and human power.

Providing excellent services in the service industry can be a great challenge if you are unable to understand the psychology that rules the mind of customer. Therefore, to find out the extreme conditions that rule the business world, an effective campaign needs to be prioritized. This is possible only when your firm hires a call center to reach the target customers.

The role played by contact center services is always counted on top when understanding concept of customer behavior process. First of all, the organizations that cannot invest in the modern-day infrastructure and human resource can easily hire a call center on lease or on contractual basis. The business operations can vary and call centers can offer professional help by providing rich assistance right from customer handling process to any survey or transaction related matters. Call center professionals can handle customers which are sometimes tough to handle by employees of an in-house organization.

The flexibility of business can be increased if a proper call center takes care of your operation. A well-established BPO can easily serve the customers on a 24x7x365 basis. With this flexibility option, a firm can ensure that all their esteemed customers are well treated with any assistance starting from any assistance inquiry, order placement or any product/service related issue. Happy customers strengthen long business relationship.

Customer loyalty can automatically increase if a customer is provided assistance in any aspect that makes them satisfied. If call centre agent is striving hard to assist the customer to provide a help in survey, help-desk, product information, customer retention, management, appointment setting, etc. the customers will develop a feeling of trust and belief in the efforts they are showing. Business will definitely be in a proper flow with a subsequent rise in the customer base ratio.

The operational cost would be reduced to a greater percentage and the money spent on the other aspects of customer management can be well utilized for better options. Therefore, the demand of call centers are rising high and are evident that company following this business strategy is always playing a risk-free game in the era of cut-throat business.

What’s the difference between Call Answering and Call Handling?

call handling and call answering servicesOne of the tweets I sometimes post on Twitter is about having your calls handled and not just answered, one of my Twitter friends suggested that it would make an interesting blog topic. So what is the difference between call answering and call handling?

Answering a call is really just about picking up a ringing phone, taking a message and passing it on in its simplest form.

Call Handling is about knowing as much as possible about the business or person that the call is intended for, so that the person answering the call can manage it in as informed and effective way as possible.  If it’s a simple enquiry quite often the call handler can supply the information requested, be it an email address, postal address, opening hours or even information on a particular product, without having to pass the call on.

Call handling is not about misrepresenting your business or implying you are bigger than you are, it’s about enhancing the service that you currently offer; call handling can be a very effective addition in terms of customer service.

Busy professionals have many demands on their time; is it really an effective use of time for them to be answering the phone themselves to every enquiry no matter how trivial?  It’s no different to outsourcing other elements of the business such as accounts or admin.

By using efficient call handlers your sales orders can be taken for you, your delegates can be booked onto training courses, appointments can be booked directly into your diary, brochure requests can be taken and posted out direct with no involvement from you, initial sales enquiries can be taken when you run your new sales campaign – the list is endless.

Do you ever find that you cannot finish a project or report because the phone keeps ringing? Divert your calls to a call handler instead.  Do you have the children at home due to teacher training days or unplanned illness? Divert your calls.

Your caller will probably be happier talking to a person rather than an answering machine; a call handler can put your caller at ease because they have knowledge of your company and/or service.  Rather than just taking a name and number your call handler will take a detailed message, ensuring that when you are returning the call you have all the information you need to hand, you are not returning a call blindly, you have had chance to research the answers that your caller needs, making you appear more professional and saving both you and your caller time.

One of my Twitter friends had a great description of call handling, its more information driven, and answers are the voice of your business.

So next time you are thinking of switching on the answerphone to allow you to get some work done, think about using a professional call handling service instead.

Advance Call Center Technology Need, to Satisfy Current Demands

advanced call center technologyIt is important that businesses adapt to the changes and evolution that technology undergoes. Technology is being developed and improved as the days, months, and years go by to make sure that work and service is made more efficient.

In the call center industry, it would be beneficial for call center companies to invest on advanced call center technology so that efficiency and productivity is ensured.

Call center companies gain advantage over their competitors if they have the advanced call center technology that they use in their service. The latest solutions in technology are developed and used to maximize profitability in consumers.

For example, Predictive Dialing will automatically dial the telephone for telemarketers. They will only be connected to the live voice contacts. It works by filtering the answering machines, signals that are busy, and other calls that are non-functional. Telemarketers will save time by not dialing phone numbers that are not being answered.

Predictive Dialing is especially useful for outbound telemarketers, debt collectors, customer service, and customer follow-ups.

Another very useful technology being used in the call center industry now is the Text-to-Speech software. This software converts the words on a computer document into an audible speech that is blurted out on the speakers.

There are options for different voices. The speech software is capable of converting text words into a certain voice upon the agent’s choice. As a call center agent, you can copy a text to a clipboard or also import text files. The speech software will read the text to the agent. The software can also convert the text into an mp3 or wav format which can then be saved so that it can be listened to at a later time.

When used at a company, the software can help callers identify their account information. The software is also used in weather updates, text messages that were stored, and scores in sports.

Call center companies become more productive because they let the phone system deliver the information to the caller and also, it helps them determine who is the perfect service representative who will cater to the specific needs and inquiries of a client.

These software developments are embraced by the call center industry because it promotes productivity and enhances efficiency in the workplace. If they are not going to adapt to the changing trends in call center technology, competitors may gain advantage over them. Through these advancements, services can be improved.

What Happens When Customers Contact Your Call Center?

what happens when you call customer care center?Quite often, when customers contact a business a moment of truth occurs during that interaction, the crucial instant where the customer’s satisfaction depends on agent’s actions. We prepare our agents as best as possible to successfully navigate these critical points through training and coaching. By necessity, these efforts take place before the interaction occurs, and that presents some problems.

The flow of an interaction is dynamic. It’s subject to change depending on what happens, how the participants behave and even on external events. Being prepared for a wide range of possible events is the best approach. But what if the agent could get advice while the interaction actually takes place?

Maintain Highest Standards of Customer Satisfaction with Effective Listening

Verbal communication is the common style of interaction that finds importance in the call center industry. Listening is an important skill that determines the success level of customer loyalty and customer retention simultaneously. Therefore, to maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction in an inbound call centers, it is essential to cultivate an ear that supports well listening skills. Here are some of the suggestions how a call center agent can build effective listening skills:

Focus Well – It is always advisable to the customer care executives (CCE) to concentrate on the call. Make sure that you are not distracted or disturbed by unnecessary elements surrounding your workstation. Focus on the conversation and try to have a talk that is not interrupted from your colleagues or other physical elements.

Discover Emotions – Always try to sort out the emotion behind the real motive of a call. Make out whether the discussion over the phone is appropriately matching or not.

Put Questions – Asking questions is a reliable manner to understand the requirements of the customer. Sometimes, the caller may hesitate or find to ask about a new service. In this aspect, the best way to assist your potential customer is to ask questions that will clarify the needs of both CCE and the caller.

Avoid Interruption – Customer’s train of thought should not be interrupted in the middle of any discussion. This will make your caller navigate away from the actual meaning and finish the call by describing something that is irrelevant. Let the customers finish their talk and then you merge in the discussion.

Keep Pen and Paper ready – The CCE are recommended to make a habit of keeping any writing material in order to make short quick references to any questions from the customer. The customer may also raise an issue where notification becomes mandatory. Once the call gets over, switch to the referred notes and start solving them soon.

Highlight Key Facts – Summarization of the call gives a sense of feeling to the caller that his queries have been wisely monitored and given importance. Cross-check the matter and establish that the call made a sense to both the sides.

Repeat Again & Again — Sometimes a CCE might find a difficulty in listening to the callers. Request the customers to make the necessary adjustments and ask them to spell the matter again. The request should be always made in a humble manner so that the caller should feel like repeating it for the CCE. Also make sure that your telecommunication equipment is under fine working condition.

A well-developed listening skill supports to establish an excellent relationship with potential customers which in turn benefits every person involved with the organization.

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