Tips for a Successful Outsourced Inbound Call Center Campaign

plan for sucessful inbound call center campaignMany companies are outsourcing their inbound call center needs primarily because it is not their core competency and other organizations such as Call Centers India provide excellent service for a very reasonable investment.

Once you have decided to research possible inbound telemarketing vendors, there are several critical criteria that you should look for.  These are very similar to what is needed for a successful outbound telemarketing project and should be taken seriously in order to achieve the best results.

The quality of service and level of professionalism that the telemarketing representatives provide on each and every call is of the foremost importance.  If the salesperson from the telemarketing company is spending more time trying to get you to review a proposal or start right away, this is a red flag.  The initial conversation should be about their services and how they would meet your specific inbound call center needs, their employees’ knowledge and expertise in your field and detailed questions about what would make your project successful.

If you spend enough time with due diligence, avoid any companies whose claims seem to good to be true and keep a report card of vendors, you should end up making the decision that will best meet your needs.  Other questions to ask include:

Is the call center based in the US or offshore?

Are the call agents employees or independent contractors?

Do the call agents work in a physical office or remote (at home)?

Does the telemarketing company offer a pilot project or have a stated refund policy?

Are hours available to meet your specific needs?

Can you receive live transfers and call activity reports on a regular basis?

Another note that is important is pricing.  Inbound call center services are usually priced per minute from 0.40 to as high as 0.90.  While this might be good for a company that expects relatively few calls, it likens the probability that your inbound call agent is not dedicated to your account along.  He or she may work on as many as five to ten projects at once.  And this means poor quality of service for you.

A more popular alternative, which helps to ensure a greater rate of success is to have a dedicated (only works on your particular inbound call center campaign) call agent.  The investment is higher; normally $17.00 to $22.00 per hour for companies with agents in the United States, but the return is typically much better than the cost per minute model.


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