Call Center Supervisor: What Kind of Characteristics and Skills one must possess

Business organizations of varies sizes have been able to show their potential because of the supportive role played by modern-day call centers. The contact centers are engaged in business processes that are complicated to handle, by an average person. Therefore, the management assigns a supervisor to handle a team so that the entire calling process and its related matters are properly streamlined to show exceptional results to their customers. A person requires a great potential to act as a supervisor. Especially, in a call center it is a challenging position and this entitled person needs to keep a stringent eye on the quality monitoring, motivating contact center executives and change management.

Let us discuss some of the qualities that contribute to a good supervisor in a call center:-

· The primary quality that makes a responsible supervisor is people management. As hundreds of people would be working under your team, you should have the potential to handle your folks in such a manner that every individual delivers optimum effort with 100% efficacy. The calling agents under a team always look for regular coaching, mentoring and technical assistance. A supervisor should have the zeal to assist his/her team members to cultivate energetic and open work environment. A constant effort to motivate the team leaders and calling agents to reach their goal is hereby expected form a pro-active supervisor.

· The growth of a call center depends upon the quality of services provided by the calling agents. Therefore, it is the primary responsibility of the supervisor to monitor the calls at regular intervals. Evaluating the calls to ensure quality and proper feedback from the customers need a great emphasis so that the relation with the customer is maintained well. This can also be done by providing delivery feedback to the customer care executives and how to work in narrowing the gap between the client and their customers. The role of staffing and scheduling helps to maintain equilibrium and meet the business goals within specific deadline.

· Supervisors need to have the potency to identify the problems that stand on the way to their mission. It may include the use of problem-solving skills to tackle complex clients and resolving their issues. A good decision making ability sometime act as a pain-killer especially when calling agents find themselves in a serious confusion.

· Imparting skillful training to the agent is a vital role so that they acquire regular guidance to have a better work-flow in their business processes. The training can also include communication and reinforcement of company policies, rules and procedures that can change within the organization from time to time.

Therefore, the role played by a supervisor can be really fruitful to show overall performance in the calling process. Being loyal and helpful always enable the customer care agents to describe their views and build transparent relation within their seniors, around the floor. Working for the interest of the agents always motivates the team to eliminate the conflicts that generally occurs in a call center industry.


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