LPO and KPO in India: India Tops the KPO and LPO Outsourcing Chart

The capability of a workforce determines the future of any business establishment. Therefore, to retain that the level of workforce level, a good investment is considerably required to enhance the business operations. If the requirement is specific and organizations uses miscellaneous cost management and cost reduction techniques, it is evident that these firms are making a better investment for future. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO in India) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO Services in India) are the two recent trends that are gaining well appreciation in diverse industrial verticals.

The concept of both these terms are little ahead than BPO Services. KPO focuses on knowledge expertise and LPO focuses on legal expertise. Primarily KPO is fully concerned to services like legal and insurance, claim processing valuation, patent filing, simple legal filings, legal publications, litigation support, legal research, investment research and more. In present generation, a great number of multinational companies across the globe are outsourcing the Indian KPOs to streamline their business requirements. The offshoring for knowledge based activities are getting in demand and have extended their reach in Education, Market Analysis, Engineering, Equity & Investment, Business Analysis, Pharmaceuticals, Multimedia, Clinical Research, Content Development, etc.

Therefore, many Indian BPOs are heading one step ahead in converting their business outsourcing needs to a slightly higher level. One of the primary reason behind this is the availability of rich expertise in domain specialization, computer skills and English proficiency. As Indian education emphasizes a lot on higher education & specialization, readymade talents are flocked in this nation. The growth of KPO in India is fueled with a great number of graduates and masters in mathematics and science.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is the field of operation where in-house legal departments or organizations offshore their legal work from areas where the operational cost is cheap. Foreign countries are hiring professionals from India especially because India talents are always considered to be productive. The other factors why outsourcing is preferred in India:

·         Cost

·         Government Polices

·         Cutting-edge Infrastructure

·         Knowledge Expertise

The future of KPO in India has a great potential to prove its importance in the Information Technology or Information Technology Enabled Services sectors. The BPO industry is experiencing significant growth as compared to KPO or LPO. But in reality the capability of Indian market is impressive in the later two cases. The rich talent and technical expertise in various domains has forced many BPOs to convert their business process activities into legal and knowledge processes.

Author – Nick Heifield


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