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Reduce Your Call Center Attrition Rate Now! Essential Tips to Follow

Attrition attributes to the reduction of an organization or business establishment in size or number. Call center industry is considered to be a sector where a huge percentage of nation’s youth is employed in various segments. This industry is growing at a rapid pace but one important aspect is obstructing its growth. Well, we are talking about the ‘Attrition Rate.’

Attrition rate has started making an imbalance in the entire process of customer support services industry. A research shows that the attrition rate of contact centers has come up to (24-25)%. Especially, it is arising from the voice-process as compared to the non-voice schedules. Rigorous shifts, work monotony, workload and physical strain, etc. are some of the basic elements that propel this concept. Therefore, it is high time to determine the factors that are leading this negative element to switch the progress level of call center services.

Skills Development plays a vital role in motivating the work staff. There are many call centers that use multi-skilling as a method to be more efficient. Acting as the development tool, this method allows upgrading the personal skills of an employee that can result to deliver better service while handling any customer. Regular training, interactive sessions, financial rewards are some of the methods through which an employee will stick to the organization’s interest.

An effective communication process can minimize the gap amongst the staff members and management. There is a need for every staff to understand the business goals. Your employees should think that they are always included in the company matters and given equal opportunity to share their feelings. The work appreciation also plays vital role in considering the interest of the employees. Therefore, an effective management style needs to be developed and employed should feel valued about the call center services they render.

Sometimes it is observed that some call centers does not maintain Work-Life Balance. If a family-friendly legislation is followed, a clear picture is developed about the work style of the staff. Flexibility in working schedules, good values and work-play culture would motivate the employees to create a positive vibe for their organization.

Attrition is already considered to be a great threat to customer service industry. The involvement of Human Resource team can be a great assistance to avoid this step. Call Centers India is an organization, where attrition hardly occurs. The customer center services should always work on the interests of the customer support service employees and motivate them round the clock.

Writer: James McGuire – Ezine Articles


Data breach call center getting high volume

The demand is high for answers at the call center set up for people whose personal data was left unprotected on a Texas Comptroller’s Office public server. Some people have reported waiting for as long as an hour before speaking to someone.

A message at the top of a dedicated website states: “We are currently receiving high call volumes. The maximum number of calls we can receive per day is 19,000. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at this time. If you have trouble getting through, please try your call again at a later time. Thank you for your patience.”

R.J. DeSilva, a spokesman for Comptroller Susan Combs, said people can get many of their questions answered on the website. They expected the high demand, which is why the call center will be available 24-hours.

Yesterday, Combs announced that the personal and confidential records of 3.5 million Texans had been parked on a publicly accessible server for about a year. The information comes from unemployment claimants and members of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

Everyone whose information was made vulnerable will be notified by letter. The mailing comes at a cost of $1.2 million DeSilva said. He didn’t immediately have the cost of the call center, which is being run by AT&T.

Source: Statesman

India’s outsourcing industry suffers 55% attrition

The attrition rate in India’s business process outsourcing sector jumped to 55 percent from a year earlier, dealing a potentially fatal blow to the flagship industry, a study said on Thursday.

The study released by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) blamed the high turnover rate on bad working hours and a perceived lack of long-term career growth.

Between December 2010 and April 2011, the attrition rate in the BPO industry increased to 55 percent from 40 percent during the same period a year earlier, Assocham said.

“Although the BPO sector has been popular since the beginning, as it has opened up plenty of job opportunities, the high attrition rate is plaguing the sector now,” Assocham secretary general D.S. Rawat.

The sector is also facing serious challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers, the study said.

US and other foreign firms, drawn by India’s English-speaking workforce and lower costs than in the West, have farmed out a wide range of jobs from answering bank client calls to processing insurance claims and equity analysis.

Worst hit by the turnover problems are the pharmaceutical and financial services industries, which have an attrition rate of 60 percent, the study said.

“The growing trend of job-switching in the industry might prove fatal for the survival and growth of India’s BPO sector,” Rawat said.

The job retention crunch comes as India’s BPO industry faces stiff competition from countries such as Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Canada and Ireland, the study noted.

The Indian outsourcing sector directly employs 2.54 million workers and accounts for 6.4 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

India recently lost its crown to the Philippines as the call centre capital of the world. But India continues to lead the overall global outsourcing market, increasing its share to 55 percent in 2010, up from 51 percent the previous year.

Let’s Discuss – Call Center is Best Platform for Woman to Develop Professional Skills

call center is best platform for women to develop professional skillsThe growth of a nation entirely depends upon its population. Therefore, it is the responsibility of an individual to contribute their skills in self-development that will lead to a nation’s growth. Today, a large section of woman is seen working in call centers and IT Sectors. It is said that the professional environment and the growth aspect are the two vital factors that attract a great percentage of women employees towards it.
In the developed nations, it is evident that there is no job discrimination for any age groups. But in the developing and under-developing nations, the involvement of women community is slowly rising and projected to reach an excellent level in the coming years. At present, most of the business giants are outsourcing the customer support services from the Asian countries. It is so because, the people over these countries are excellent speakers who can easily adapt to any international accent in no time. Especially, the women have a better understanding of this skill and therefore the BPOs of these regions are seen to source a great number of women employees.
If you make a thorough research upon BPO industry, you will find that the highest positions of the board are being occupied by women and really helping the organizations to make a rapport, exceptionally well. Women find this professional environment with a freedom to express their skills efficiently. It is because, the workforce are well-trained from an intermediate level, till she reaches a level to teach the same to the sub-ordinates. This factor inspires them to work better and enhance their skills in a global aspect. The enhancement of performance level is rewarded with good financial growth.

The call center industry engages a wide section of women from age level of 18 years to any age limit as per the company policy. With this option a student can easily be a part of an income source for a middle class family. Moreover, the unemployment ration in the developing countries has experienced a great hike with the services offered by BPO industry to the women community. It is a major platform to earn reputation and therefore your skills need to be exhibited through a professional environment that is easily possible through call centers.

Writer: James McGuire – Ezine Articles

Why one should opt for offshore call center services?

The present market research reveals that the offshore outsourcing companies are snatching the jobs from the developed nations. A popular trend in the developing nations, call center outsourcing is considered to be a great blow to the foreign economy.

Call center outsourcing is a fantastic solution to business establishments of all sizes to save money. In addition, it also assists in relieving the overload of your in-house workforce by utilizing the array of inbound and outbound services. Outsourcing these companies promotes in account management expertise, superior technology, market testing capabilities, better market coverage, instant market analysis and many more.

Let us discuss some of the primary benefits of offshore call center:

A) If your organization is experiencing enormous growth in client database, you may find a challenge in offering 100% client response. In this aspect, offshore call centers will assist you to approach the clients in a professional manner. This will help you to understand the market dynamics and allow you to find the best option to make them satisfied.

B) The operational costs and the capital required to establish a giant infrastructure and human resource can be easily reduced. Moreover, the up-gradation of IT tool or hiring a brand new technical division is not feasible for all. Outsourcing the BPO service providers can be a appropriate tool in your business strategy.

C) If your in house operations are not able to meet the bulk demands of the clients, you are likely to miss the calls or queries and can be a great obstacle in retaining the clients. In order to prevent this, at the earliest hour, Call Center Outsourcing Services are considered to be the best to offer technical and non technical support to your valuable patrons. Personalized plans can be developed with the expert’s assistance and subsequently can be applied in the new processes, as directed by the call centers.

D) Outsourcing is an area where the business development for SMEs is always given full support. Enterprises lacking in funds, have the option to outsource call center companies and effectively render their services to the clients. The HR processes and internal operations are easily accessible and companies can save their capital in the investment of future technology.

E) The flexibility in business shifts is one of the factor that promotes outsourcing. Hiring people for 24 hours call center operations round the year along with multilingual support is only possible with this option.

Outsourced call center has the power to make you devote your time and effort on your core competencies and cost. Better save today and try to make the future secure in the safe hands.

Writer: James McGuire – Ezine Articles

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