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Elements of successful contact center solutions

An immensely professional call center would be the one who does not give any single chance to let the customers hold on the line and say idle. Neither they stay idle nor they make their customers so.

The agents at the call center makes sure that they are free and are ready to answer to the calls of their customers and answer their queries and clear their doubts.

Answering calls by call center agents are an age-old tradition and has become an archaic thing too. This could be named as the reason that even today, in this Internet approved world, the customers carry a feeling of dissatisfaction by calling to call centers. The most likable solution for them would be to grasp contact center solutions, through e-mail, sms, IM and several more.

For being the best in providing call center solutions, it is not always viable to make yourself loyal before your customers just by attending calls. To be lively and extremely enthusiastic has become a requisite thing for forming a good customer relationship and that too for a long term.

It becomes vital that you do not let any of your customers waiting for all long at the time of providing contact center solutions and this somehow make you know that you should carry the ability to adjust the outbound and inbound calling operations. Apart from this, there is this need for a successful call center, low cost and value effective solutions should be taken into consideration. Bringing rise in the efficiency of the agent is also an issue which should sorted out and need to put efforts on to bring desired results while maintaining the importance of all the customers.

None of the contact centers can run without the agents and the agents would not be able to work well until and unless they are trained and knows every bit of the job. It is very important to train them with the wellness that, there remains no chance of complaints. On the part of these agents, it is very important to know the pros and cons of the job to carry it out and bring positive results. It is very important to know that customer does not like to jerk up and down from one department to another and they do not feel to hear that the executive cannot help, here arrives the need for trained executives who answer for the complaints and queries of the consumers.

The agents should possess the ability to be patient and listen. They should be patient enough to understand the demands of the caller and fulfill them. Here counts the smartness and intelligence of the executives. Intelligent and talented executives can prove to be vital for a great financial future of the company.


Answerers for your Mostly asked Call Center Related Questions

You might be having several questions regarding call centers if you haven’t worked with them yet. Here are answers to some questions that people frequently put up regarding call centers. An efficient call center needs the mind power, training and resources to offer a streamlined approach to the task assigned.

Do you still wonder why businesses worldwide outsource their work to call centers functioning outside the company structure? Why don’t they get the work done inside the organization and rely on the people operating offshore to work for them? If even giant corporations are resorting to call centers, there must really be something mutually beneficial in the concept.

If you are considering roping in a call center to assist you in your operations, the answers to the following questions would help you to clear the air about them.

How does a call center function?

A call center is a centralized office which handles volumes of telecommunications. All staff members are equipped with a computer and a telephone/head set which is plugged onto a telecom switch connected to one or more supervisor stations. A call center might work independently or operate through a network of additional centers.

What is an outbound call center?

In an outbound call center, the executives only make outgoing phone calls for the client organization. Agents typically are selling products and services or making appointments. Calls made from the center can include telemarketing, fund-raising calls, contact list updating, surveys or verification services. An outbound call center uses metrics such as agent success, cost per call, revenue earned, total calls made and tasks completed.

What is an inbound call center?

An inbound call center focuses on resolving customer queries. Professionals well-versed in language, process, and people management skills take the calls of the customers and provide the proper answers to them. The people are trained to handle a range of services. It uses metrics such as first call resolution (FCR) to measure success.

What can an efficient call center achieve?

* Increase cross-selling product penetration

* Increase revenue growth

* Reduce operating expenses through integrated technologies and processes

* Retain more customers through a consistent, standardized experience

* Increase first-call resolution and average handle time

Why do corporate houses find running internal call centers a daunting task?

In today’s complex business climate, corporate houses face all or any of these limitations –

* Losing focus on mainstay business as the company is too busy handling operations

* Time and money crunch

* Non-availability of human resource with required skills

* Spiraling operational cost

* Recruitment and attrition problems

What is a virtual call center?

Virtual call center is virtual simulation of a call center environment. The only difference is that the call center agents are not working on the same premises. The organization’s representatives are geographically dispersed as groups in a number of smaller centers. Virtual call center system, with its inherent advantages, can bring down the costs, maintain the level of customer satisfaction and better turn inquiry calls into orders.

What is core competency?

The field of expertise of a particular business is core competency. These are value creating skills which make a company distinct and are critical to the company’s long term growth. The companies outsource the not so important areas of their business so that they could focus their resources on their own area of specialization for further development of their businesses.

What to look for in a call center when outsourcing?

* Objective of a call center is to get the maximum output out of minimum input. This is the parameter of testing a call center too.

* Executives should be well-trained to deal with all kind of scenarios when dealing with customers.

* The center must have the proper basic infrastructure (spacious office, furniture etc.) and hardware.

* Managers of the center must be well-experienced with enough work exposure.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons before you select call center services. Make detailed inquiries about the call center that you have in mind before you sign the agreement. Talk with their existing clients to judge the operational capability of a particular call center.

Call Center Outsourcing : A cost-effective approach

We live in a corporate world where technology plays a vital role in all kinds of business, whether large or a small enterprise. Every next day, there comes a new technology in the market. But by defining yourself technology rode does not make you the leader of your competitors.

Call Center Outsourcing operation, Conceivably an often under used solution in business, doubtlessly it is a huge profit making apparatus.

Despite of so high stature and global authority, many of the firms today are trying to attempt all aspects of their business in house. But, outsourcing your call center needs to professionals like CCI would help you in many of the ways, as it would considerably reduce your staffing cost and would provide you the most effective services. With CCI, you will get a team of highly skilled and professional call center agents who carry this sole ambition in them to make your profits climb up to the sky.

Working with us, at Call Center India, will let you have an extremely professional but overwhelming experience. You will run through a wave of immense satisfaction with our contact center service. As, we not only take part in providing you one on one consultation but also offer you cost effective solutions. Our thoroughly proficient executives are solely determined to help you succeed. By being partner with CCI and outsourcing call center services to us, you transfer the risks factor involved in the processes, in some way or the other. We help you maintain growth in a cost neutral environment.

We understand well the difference between Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) telemarketing campaigns, which goes:

• Customer Service Support
• Answering Services
• Back office
• Email/Chat Support
• Technical support
• Web-Enabled Call Center Services

We stretch our arms to offer you a very clear and the best Voice and Data service, combining it with a live inbound operator service that is able to deal with customer calls 24/7/365. We possess a trained staff who keep themselves updated with the latest techniques that turn up every next day. They also share an experience in selling and dealing with the inquiries of different industries.

One important benefit of outsourcing call center needs along with money saving is the Floor saving aspect. If your firm is located in a location where even an inch of floor space is equivalent to a prime real estate and ensure significant amount, then outsourcing becomes a very convenient option. By joining hands with us, you are not just making space in your office but also saving great bucks.

Hence, we(CCI) prove that we are cost effective and professional, and our agents too are friendly and well trained to take up all the assigned work. Outsourcing call center needs to us will provide you affordable services, with an assurance of utter growth.

Why you should outsource call center services to India?

• Large and educated workforce: The vital reason is that India possesses a qualified manpower, combining with IT literate, trained and experienced professionals, who are very well specialized in their job. And to everyone’s utter surprise, India has the gigantic English speaking folks after USA. The workforce of extensive and large well-informed people has credited to India’s advantage.

• Large No of College Graduates Ready to Work: Because of large amount of college graduates, it becomes easy to get them for employment and the most advantageous thing is that they are ready to work at lesser price.

• Time Zone Advantages: India has the one more advantage in its kitty and that is its time zone advantage. Its time difference of twelve hours enables the cosmopolitan organizations to provide their customers a 24/7/365 days service. Seeing this advantage, the US companies are ensured to provide their customers ceaseless customer support.

• Specialized Call Center Outsourcing Services: The call centers in India have high-tech technological services to provide to the customers, like automated call distribution services.

India is no far in advancements and is experiencing growth in technology every next moment and in a blink of an eye. By outsourcing call center services, you would be able to focus on the nerve center of your organization.

Call Centers India Offering Best Services for Your Business Needs

With the change of winds in the stream of technology and emerging nature of the flow of globalization, there has come up a high demand for great quality services. These quality services destine to address to the demands of the firm, regardless of the size of the enterprise. All what a business owner is always concerned about is to search for the right services for boosting up the company and make it reach zenith.

At Call Center In India, we try to work carrying an impression to make up the three P’s, and they are Productivity, Performance and Profitability. Our motto is to go miles ahead from our natural potential to dig and bring out the most reliable and desirable services and to let the sun of Call Center In India shine out there. Resolving the complaints of the customers and satisfy their queries and make them happy is what we expect from ourself to do.

Every company makes their best to provide the most exuberant services to its customers. This would not just enhance the chances of the company to be the most popular amongst all in the market. But also will flow out the strongest payoffs for the firm. A call center offering 24 hour assistance is always considered by all as the better of the best. As this throws an impression of utter concern from the company towards its consumers.

A call center is maintained to provide you inbound call center, outbound call center and phone answering call center. All these call center outsourcing services are being maintained so well by our well trained and skilled agents. The agents at Call Center In India can also be named as the core ingredients of any BPO, as it is them only who catch the interest of the consumers and impress them with their catchy talks and provoke them to buy various products and services.

The option of call center services with us will help greatly in saving your time and money. We have very much enhanced in our levels through which we strive too hard with our profound strength to draw more and more customers which would contribute in strengthening the customer base of the our organization.

Top 10 Words in Call Center Industry

Call center outsourcing is fast becoming popular nowadays and if you are planning to venture in offshore outsourcing for call center services, it is important for you to understand at least the top ten most popular buzzwords in the industry.

* Near Shore Outsourcing

Near shore outsourcing is when a call center outsourcing company outsources their services within its neighboring countries. Basically, near shore outsourcing provides quite a number of benefits for an organization because of the strategic geographical propinquity reducing travel costs and communication expenses on the part of the company as well as the outsourcer. There will also be a great advantage with communication because it will be more likely that the people involved in the venture will all be speaking the same language which also reduces the need to train the staff on using a language foreign to them.

* Onshore Outsourcing

Domestic outsourcing or onshore outsourcing is when BPO requirements are being fulfilled by a particular company which is within the same country. As compared to other outsourcing opportunities, onshore outsourcing is a lot more expensive especially when it comes to labor costs, taxation, and other related aspects of the business.

* Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing on the other hand refers to the outsourcing opportunities on other parts of the world where there is a much cheaper labor cost and lower tax expenses on the part of the company requiring for an offshore outsourcing for call center services.

* Virtual Call Center

Virtual call center is a simulation of a call center environment but the only difference is that call center agents are not working on the same premises.

* TCO (Total Cost of Outsourcing)

TCO typically directs its focus on the total cost of the outsourcing opportunity which includes the labor cost, tax rate, and other expenses included in the business venture. For call center outsourcing, TCO is very important because this alone can determine whether outsourcing will be advantageous on the part of the company that needs it or not.

* BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Business process outsourcing is important for business organizations that need to contract a particular business-related task to third party providers. Basically, BPOs are used to save on operational expenses and in-house resources but this strategy is not used in order to become highly competitive in the market. BPO services india is the most common word in Google to search bpo services providing company.

* Globalization

This particular term refers to the dispersal of services as well as technologies all over the world. For call center outsourcing, globalization is typical especially those opting for call center offshore outsourcing.

* SLA (Service Level Agreement)

SLA is basically the contract agreement between the company and the service provider.

* Core Competency

Core competency refers to the field of expertise of a particular business. In call center outsourcing, majority of the companies often outsource the not so important areas of their business in order for them to focus their resources on their own core competency for further development of their businesses.

* E-Outsourcing

E-outsourcing is fast becoming part of some major business entities. This particular activity is when a particular business entity purchases their required IT products or services using the internet instead of using their in-house resources to satisfy their IT requirements.

India Retains the #1 Spot in BPO industry Race Throughout the World

bpo services india is number 1 in world

Doomsday predictions about India slipping from its top position as the most attractive offshore-business destinations has been proved wrong by a recent survey conducted by management consulting company A.T. Kearney.

According to its Global Services Location Index (GSLI) report, India scores 7.01 overall, followed by China, Malaysia, Egypt and Indonesia in the top-5 destinations. Interestingly, the Philippines, which was considered a growing threat to India, has slipped two places to number nine in the rankings.

The consulting firm has not cited specific reasons for the drop in the rankings for Philippines but suggests that the impact of the financial crisis shook up the rankings though it had the least impact on India’s position at the top of the field.

India, China and Malaysia remained in the top three spots—positions they’ve occupied since the inaugural GSLI rankings in 2003. The consulting company cited a combination of human resources and low cost as reasons for this consistent ranking.

“While a sluggish recovery continues to create the kind of pressure for economies that drive business outsourcing, an increasingly complex global economic environment has led to major changes in the ranking of the most attractive offshoring destinations,” the Chicago, Illinois-based A.T. Kearney said in a statement.

Mexico is at sixth spot followed by Thailand and Vietnam. Of these, Vietnam has shown the strongest growth having outpaced the Philippines and 48 other countries in the rankings with a total score of 5.09 – a combination of individual scores in financial attractiveness, people skills and business environment.

While Thailand has taken up the seventh slot from the Philippines, Jordan which stood ninth in the last list has dropped to 22 in the overall ratings. Chile is the other country that dropped in the rankings, from eighth to tenth place.

It must be mentioned here that A.T. Kearney has given more weight to financial attractiveness, citing that “financial factors constitute 40% of the total weight in the Index…because cost advantage is typically the primary driver behind location decisions.”

In a statement, the company said financial attractiveness included costs in compensation of employees, rent and other infrastructure-related elements, and tax burden and other regulations, as well as of corruption.

BPO services india is the popular word now.

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