Call Center Interview: Tips to Get Selected

Call centers are rage nowadays. They offer lots of professional and lucrative opportunities which are too hard to resist. However, the candidates have to go through a rigorous screening and personal interview. Generally call center pre- employment tests are combinations of online test of grammar, English proficiency, basic knowledge of computer and a personal interview test to check the attitude quotient of a candidate. Generally, the first round of call center interview starts with the telephonic round with HR where candidates are checked for intonation and language proficiency. Any hint of Mother Tongue during conversation or lack of proper language skill ends up in Total Rejection only.

So, here we present some tips for the applicants so that they can secure a place in this booming call center outsourcing industry.  These tips come directly from the  experts and training managers of call centers to help candidates to come off with flying colors.

1)Computers: Computers are no new thing for today’s generation but our experts advise you to go through the keyboard shortcuts, and some general  information about computer once again.

2)Words Worth: English is indeed a funny language but call centers take it very seriously. They can ask you to reply and answer common and not-so-common acronyms, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms. You are also supposed to be comfortable with idiomatic expressions, colloquial language,slang and cliches as Americans use these stuff frequently in their conversation.

3)Listen: You may have never listened to the advice of your parents, but to survive call center tests, you need to develop listening  ability of a dog because call center management would want you to clear the test of listening previously recorded video tapes and later, answering the questions.

4)Pronunciation: A candidate can be taught computer skills, he can develop his vocab and listening skills but pronunciation is something which cannot be compromised with. Mother Tongue Accent results in total rejection. Even a hint of it during conversation is totally unacceptable.

5)Intonation: This is again a significant and must have skill. As an agent or marketing person of call center you are supposed to talk over phone or through video conferencing. The first lines of your communication- ‘Hello, How May I Help You?’ can describe a lot about the mood, nature and attitude. As an agent you are supposed to be real patient, hopeful, positive, cheerful and speak with medium-scale pitch.


1 Response to “Call Center Interview: Tips to Get Selected”

  1. 1 tboehm30 October 26, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Good list.
    Next, how about a list of how to survive your job at a call center?

    I would expect that management looks at those surveys the customers fill out after the call. From a customer perspective, I fill out that survey based on how helpful the agent was. If they only followed the script and couldn’t help me, then I give them a terrible review. If they go off script to solve my problem, then I give them full scores for all categories, even if I didn’t think each specific category was perfect.

    What else?

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