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How Increase Business Revenue using Call Center Services

increase business revenue by call centersDoes your business make sales calls to current customers or potential customers? Do you receive a lot of inbound calls with questions about your products or for customer service? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you could tremendously benefit from working with a call center. Let’s look at some of the advantages of working with a call center as opposed to having to handle all of the calls in house.

Many business owners get intimidated by the notion of dealing with a call center. At face value, it sounds complicated and expensive. However, the price and lead time to get setup is incredibly well offset by the advantages it provides businesses. The benefits are countless. First of all, you never have to worry about hiring people to handle your calls in house. This is a lot more hassle than it sounds. Not only do you have to dedicate countless hours to hiring these people, but you also have to train them, supervise them, manage them, provide them benefits and even potentially let them go. Now THAT’S a lot of hassle. Working with a call center who has been in business for years can help eliminate all of that headache. On top of all of this, you never have to worry about having enough reps working, peak call times etc, since this is usually handled by the call center you are working with.

Numerous types of contact center solutions exist. You can leverage a call center to take inbound calls, make outgoing calls, handle sales and manage customer support. Some companies offer contact center solutions that go even further than that. A popular other solution is offering a telephone answering service. This is perfect for smaller companies who don’t want to be bothered with answering their calls in house, since this would require having to hire someone to take on that role. Small business owners can get very busy, but always want to have their calls promptly and professionally answered. Using a telephone answering service allows all of their calls to be answered, regardless of how busy they are with their work, or if they are in a meeting. The service will often be able to message the business owner with a description of who called and what information they were seeking. At this point, the business owner can call the person back and be well in the know with regard to what they were looking to discuss.

One other common call center product offering is a virtual receptionist. This is an automated system that handles answering the calls and routing them to the right person within a company. Not only does this save time and hassle but it can make your business look significantly larger than it is since this looks like a system that only a large company would have.


Call Center Interview: Tips to Get Selected

Call centers are rage nowadays. They offer lots of professional and lucrative opportunities which are too hard to resist. However, the candidates have to go through a rigorous screening and personal interview. Generally call center pre- employment tests are combinations of online test of grammar, English proficiency, basic knowledge of computer and a personal interview test to check the attitude quotient of a candidate. Generally, the first round of call center interview starts with the telephonic round with HR where candidates are checked for intonation and language proficiency. Any hint of Mother Tongue during conversation or lack of proper language skill ends up in Total Rejection only.

So, here we present some tips for the applicants so that they can secure a place in this booming call center outsourcing industry.  These tips come directly from the  experts and training managers of call centers to help candidates to come off with flying colors.

1)Computers: Computers are no new thing for today’s generation but our experts advise you to go through the keyboard shortcuts, and some general  information about computer once again.

2)Words Worth: English is indeed a funny language but call centers take it very seriously. They can ask you to reply and answer common and not-so-common acronyms, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms. You are also supposed to be comfortable with idiomatic expressions, colloquial language,slang and cliches as Americans use these stuff frequently in their conversation.

3)Listen: You may have never listened to the advice of your parents, but to survive call center tests, you need to develop listening  ability of a dog because call center management would want you to clear the test of listening previously recorded video tapes and later, answering the questions.

4)Pronunciation: A candidate can be taught computer skills, he can develop his vocab and listening skills but pronunciation is something which cannot be compromised with. Mother Tongue Accent results in total rejection. Even a hint of it during conversation is totally unacceptable.

5)Intonation: This is again a significant and must have skill. As an agent or marketing person of call center you are supposed to talk over phone or through video conferencing. The first lines of your communication- ‘Hello, How May I Help You?’ can describe a lot about the mood, nature and attitude. As an agent you are supposed to be real patient, hopeful, positive, cheerful and speak with medium-scale pitch.

An Advanced Call Center Infrastructure Can Vastly Boost Your Business

infrastructure for call centerCall centers have become a fixture in today’s modern business world.  Many companies rely on their advanced call center infrastructure to offer fast customer service and technical support, or to take orders over the phone.

The integrated software of sophisticated call center solutions can create businesses opportunities for any entrepreneur. Because of the interactive voice response system, there is no lag in response time to inbound calls. The quicker customers receive support, the happier they are.

A call center can be set up in-house, or be outsourced to a third party. Many call center solutions work via the Internet to launch advertising campaigns, promote sales, or to have a better grip on certain company activities. A versatile call center infrastructure offers the necessary flexibility companies need to increase in-house efficiency and improve customer service.

Inbound contact centers are usually set up to handle customer service and information requests. For technical assistance, companies should only hire skilled representatives, or train employees who already have a fair amount of knowledge about the advertised products and services. The better informed the workers are, the quicker the phone enquiries will be completed.

Automated response programs, which are incorporated into some call center solutions, can minimize the call volume, as they can satisfy many callers with reoccurring information requests, such as the location of a company, business hours, telephone and fax numbers, shipping policies, etc.  The less calls requiring human intervention; the fewer employees need to be hired.

A number of call center infrastructures are designed specifically for telemarketing and outbound calls. Agents, who are experienced in advertising, will spend many hours trying to acquire new customers, and encourage existing ones to purchase additional products. Aside from telemarketers, many other sectors need high-end call center solutions. Politicians may use call center services to reach potential voters, and nonprofit organizations may call around to find benefactors.

Technology has advanced so much in recent years that nearly all businesses could benefit from a high-tech call center infrastructure. Some of these all-inclusive solutions are so efficient, they can handle just about anything from telephone communications and faxing, to email, live chat, and instant messaging.

‘Real time telemetry’ is one of the many applications used for real time monitoring. Managers should always know how many agents are available, how many calls are in queue, and what the statistics are on inbound and outbound calls. Without that data, problems will go undetected. When troubled areas have been identified, solutions can be created and applied. The smoother a company runs, the quicker it will grow.

‘Call Detail Record (CDR) Reporting’ is another application often requested for advanced call centre solutions. This program will collect key metrics needed to create readable reports of the many statistics related to agent performance, call time, and average wait time. Through this application, managers will be able to identify their star agents, and recognize opportunities for improvement.

Because of all the different infrastructures and their various applications, virtually any business can benefit from call center solutions. If you have any doubt, just give it a try!

Myths of Call Centers

call center mythsAs call centers have mushroomed and businesses across the globe have become dependent on them, a number of myths about call centers have gained currency and are refusing to die. In order to properly appreciate the operation and utilization of call centers it is important that these myths are dispelled.

Given below is a brief account of some such stubborn call center myths that are better done away with:

1. Juggling with Numbers: The call centers may have been boasting about their reach, sizes and infrastructure but the insider news is that their services are what which speak volume of their actual strength. The kind of agents they recruit and the way their agents handle the problems of customers, and the knowledge imparted by call center management to their agents determine the strength of call center which also decide the market reputation of the call center as well.

2. Just about the Customers: It is a partial truth. Though Outsource Call Center have been known for providing excellent customer support,yet on the end of the day its all about business and coming with flying colors in the market competition against the competitors.

3.Strict for no thing: Yes, this is true that call center management implements very strict rules for their agents for many things such as performance, information security and monitor them to track their quality provided by them for their services. But this is something call centers strive for and this is only to provide excellent customer services and achieve customer satisfaction to the zenith.

4. Calls, what else?: No they are not. The scope of their services is immense and exhaustive. They generate leads, schedule appointment, provide web development services, do market surveys, provide Internet marketing services, Finance and Admin outsourcing to name a few.

5.Not Reliable at all: It is another misconception that customers do not buy from call centers. We would like to open eyes and clear the airs. They do. Call centers have been seen to improve the sales figures of many companies.

Virtual Assistant Services, Affordable Call Center Services from India

virtual assistant services, call center services indiaVirtual assistance services means to hire those services which are served by any other company yet as your in-house staff. VA services are world wide popular due to its easy and fast excess. All services are quality oriented as dealt by experts. Hire virtual assistant service ensures your cost saving and daily service updates. Company mainly concentrates upon the production and sales factors. It is not possible to manage production as well as documentation part to stay in league. Outsourcing is the best way to generate required outputs.

Hire affordable VA services or call center services signifies to outsource the staff for on-line documentation and client management. This is a required fuel for increase in production and sales. Virtual assistant services and call center service can offer you following beneficiaries and services:

Outsourcing virtual assistant services serves the same services like your in-house personnel. It saves companys time and cost of building infrastructure, hiring and maintenance of man-power, train them, purchase set up and equipments. Increase in sales becomes easier as it is the fastest approach to lead in field of endorsement and selling. These experts make the presentation and update technically so strong that grabs the attention of most of the visitors and convert their visit in sales.

Call center services from India provides you quality expert services at affordable cost. This staff works just for you unlike freelancers who work for different projects at the same time. This dedicated VA staff provides you all possible services to maintain a smooth flow of client follow ups and sales in lesser cost consumption. The techniques used by these experts are richly developed and enriched with experience and consistency in performance. You do not have to look or new recruitment, training, development, monthly appraisal, bonus, timely services. You are served with 24*7 available services and solution providers on-line.

Hire VA services cut down many of your costs like: employee related bonus taxes and appraisals. Services related cost is only paid that too in a flexible manner as weekly, monthly, hourly according to your requirement and service satisfaction. Building relationship in joint-ventures comes as another benefactor. Hired virtual assistant expert makes the survey for analysis of those companies dealing in same field and create and strong competition by developing better and smoother access on-line.

Formatting, one more essential feature becomes easier when we talk about on-line website visitors. Virtual assistant services enables to format reports, material in prints to be converted as e-books to make a convenient access. Retention of customer is nowadays a cut-throat competition. In this case posting an article or a blog once is not enough. Virtual assistant India helps update, characterize and modify as per need regularly so as to upgrade the visitors and client database at highest.

Top Eleven Words for Call Center Outsourcing

eleven words in call center outsourcingCall center outsourcing is not newborn and also, you every haw be alive of the possibleness and benefits of it. Yeah, I undergo but I undergo this likewise that jargons and lingo attendant to the constituent ‘outsourcing’ has sufficiency possibleness to attain your nous aerobatics and representative panoramic open.Let’s see the knowledge related to call center outsourcing to attain things hap for you and provide rest to the whirlwind of your mind.

1) Near- get Outsourcing: It is an behave where a consort outsources its impact to a edge country.

2) Onshore Outsourcing: It is same husbandly outsourcing.  If, a consort supported in U.S transfers it scheme utilization impact to a U.S fictive scheme authority it is titled on-shore outsourcing.

3) Offshore Outsourcing: Offshore outsourcing is a such talked most term. It is an behave where impact is outsourced to a instruction where fag and force costs are such modify than onshore or nearby get destinations. This is such experienced by companies disregarding of their sizes and types.

4) Crowd-Sourcing: It is an behave where an unstoppered call is prefabricated (usually online) to elicit fascinated workers. Example: Bidding platforms.

5) Globalization: It is a constituent referring to nature of playing and artefact which has famous no boundaries of language, countries and time.

6) Virtual disposition Center: It is a call edifice where agents are settled in different locations but impact in a unified artefact for a company.

7) Total Cost of Outsourcing/ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): From the fag costs to assist fees and from the managing and feat charges that a call edifice has to assume for a send is included in this term.

8) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): It is added constituent for Outsource disposition Center. However, it is utilised in wider perspective. BPO is separated into digit categories of service:
a) Back-office Outsourcing and
b) Front-office Outsourcing.

9)  Service-Level Agreement (SLA): It a lessen including the cost and conditions, services and costs on which assist bourgeois call edifice and consort is united upon.

10) E-outsourcing: Instead of deploying in-house IT products or applications, if a consort chooses to outsource it over the internet is titled e-outsourcing.

11)  Core Competency: A limited earth in which a call edifice or methodicalness has expertise.

Understanding The Legal Technicalities of Call Center Outsourcing Services

Legal formalities can take the easiness out of call center services. Countries like India which are popular inbound and outbound call center outsourcing hubs have the back up of extremely supportive government. Like any other realm of business, outsourcing has its own share of legal issues like taxation, regional laws, disputes and contract settlement. For risk free outsourcing call center services, every company is advised to comply with the rules and regulation as stated.

1) Go through the rights of company and yours set by the government in case, if something goes wrong.
2) Analyze the protection of laws for call center employees.
3) Know beforehand what kind of local or regional privilege your hired call center could have in case of discrepancies.
4) Understand the industry specific formalities as rules from industry to industry can vary. One should understand the labor act, call center establishment act, purchasing outsourcing services before finalizing a deal.
5) Ensure no labor or workin0067 agent is of less than 18 years. In outsourcing hubs like India child labor is a criminal offence.
6) Be aware of the civil and criminal penalties of a particular country.
7) Assess the taxation on project before deciding on final operational costs. Sales tax, income tax, labor costs, custom duties, VAT etc should be considered otherwise can lead to meaningless and time consuming endless disputes.
8) Assure that your offshore outsourcing company is following the rules properly. The premises, work and policies should be in accordance with government course of action.
9) Countries have different intellectual property
laws. Define a well drafted and feasible dispute settlement contract.
Let not the lack of awareness or knowledge of duties and rights hinder the prospect of growth of your business through outsourcing.

Benefits to work with call centers in India

1) With call centers in India you have the liberty to file a case against a frauds or negligence.
2) Thanks to the efficient changeovers in Indian Laws, It has become the ideal place to outsource. India has the provision of world trade
organization agreement that makes outsourcing even more amenable.
3) Outsourcing to India allows you to choose the law by which you want to govern the contract.

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