Call Center Trends for 2011

trend in call center

call center trend

The contact center market continues to evolve with changing customer and business expectations. This evolution is happening at an increasingly faster rate, making it a challenge for some businesses to adapt. Running an effective contact center requires an understanding of how customer and contact center trends are changing. Here is a summary of 5 contact center trends going into 2011, based on a recent North American customer survey by Frost & Sullivan.

Customer Satisfaction A Top Priority
Half of respondents were classified as ‘customer-oriented.’ A further 35% were classified as searching for the ‘latest and greatest’ applications. ‘Cost-focused’ represented the remaining 15% of respondents.

Hosted Services Adoption
Hosted contact centers are being increasingly adopted. Respondents with contact centers of over 500 seats was the fastest growing segment for hosted services adoption. 30% of all respondents plan on using hosted services in 2010, up 6% from 2009.

Rapid growth of social media customer interactions
Of respondents surveyed, 30 percent indicated they support social media customer activity and interactions on external social media sites (facebook, twitter, etc.), and 29 percent indicated they monitor and extract intelligence from this activity; of social media benefits, the top three cited were to “provide better customer service,” (75 percent), “drive sales,” (58 percent), and “drive customer loyalty” (54 percent).

Growth of Web collaboration, text and video
Of supported inbound interaction channels, growth from 2009 to 2010 was highest for text/SMS (25 percent increase), video (15 percent increase), and Web-based interactions (8 percent increase).

Consistent customer experience across channels continues to be a high priority across industries
The largest majority of respondents – 67 percent – rated ensuring consistent service across channels as a “very high priority” or “high priority.”

Significant increase in proactive customer contact activity across industries
Of three types of outbound customer programs, the majority — 65 percent — indicated they would increase their “proactive, value-add customer contact” programs over the next two years; 43 percent said they would increase their “sales and marketing” programs, and 42 percent said they would increase their “collections” programs.


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