Lead Generation through Call Center Companies

The quickest way to pull down the shutters on your business is to stagnate. No business firm would like to head in that direction. That is why lead generation is so important for any business firm that deals with customers. With the help of call center companies, the business firms get lists of qualified leads. The sales team contacts these leads and converts them into sales. That is how the call center services increase the existing customer database of the client’s business. With the right amount of leads, business firms can turn this investment in BPO into something fruitful and beneficial to the business. In this article we will take a look at how sales lead generation is conducted by the BPO units.

Call center companies can use telemarketing calls or non-voice methods for generating leads. In the first case, the outbound call center agents call up prospective customers according to the database prepared. It’s important for the BPO unit to use a data cleansed off any numbers registered with the national Do Not Call (DNC) list. There are some other requirements that need to be fulfilled as well. Call centers tend to lose a lot of resources when they are catering to just about every consumer in the market. It’s important to set up targets according to the demographics. The right consumer pockets will mean better ROI. That is something that the BPO units have to clarify with the business firms before they initiate the telemarketing process.

Following certain protocols during the telemarketing calls does have a positive effect. Very often you will find call center companies pushing too hard for sales. That’s when they scare off the customers. Persuasive marketing works but does so only after you win the trust of the customers. Many BPO agents zoom ahead to the hard selling part and fail to generate leads. Such aggressive marketing tactics, when misplaced, does a lot of harm to the brand of the client. Sales lead generation efforts are hampered by negative word of mouth publicity. If the call center services provider is doing something that is not industry-recommended, the discrepancies will catch up with them sooner than they realize. The best way to carry out a lead generation campaign is to be transparent with the customers.

The process of lead generation can also be carried out through non-voice means. The internet is a powerful medium these days. Consumers are using the internet to look for information, products and offers. Without an online sales lead generation procedure, business firms will be losing out on a lot of consumers. That has prompted the business firms to approach BPO firms with projects to generate online leads. Online lead generation can be done through search engine optimization and social media marketing, along with a whole host of Web 2.0 marketing tools. The call center companies have to train the agents so that they are able to do things without making mistakes online. The stakes are high online because once committed, your mistakes can be blown apart.


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