Evolving Medical Information Call Centers: Performance Measurement and Process Improvement

Evolving Medical Information Call Centers addresses these questions and more to give your company the boost needed to correct your call centers’ mistakes and evolve the group into new territories. Our study contains real-world data and best practices from top pharmaceutical companies’ medical information call center operations.

With customers able to find product information on the Internet or from other sources — and with internal teams encroaching on territory previously owned by medical information groups — call center leaders now face a number of potentially function-changing challenges.

Top teams combat the evolving landscape by tightening their own ships which means enacting performance metrics and process improvements to become more efficient and to strengthen customer relationships. Additionally, medical information call centers continue to move into new areas, adding tasks where their skill sets translate well.

Medical information call centers find their call loads decreasing. A more technologically savvy customer base and other internal groups’ increasing ability to inform prescribers about products threaten to shrink call center budgets and staffing resources. Use Evolving Medical Information Call Centers through Performance Measurement and Process Improvement (PH124) to understand how medical information leaders are tightening their ships through increased performance measurement and more streamlined processes. The most innovative teams are even moving into new ground where their teams’ skills sets offer advantages.

STRATEGY – Take the guesswork out of your call center performance. Benchmark your key performance indicators against some of pharma’s leading companies and find out which KPIs your company absolutely must be measuring.

– Back your position with the power of industry intelligence. Our report gives you support for your ideas and prepares you for meetings, presentations and strategy discussions with key executives. Use our report to earn more funding and personnel resources or to simply win support from company leaders.

– Our reports are ready to use from the moment you get them. Skim the chapter introductions and high-level process data to get a quick understanding of the report’s key concepts. Then study the sections that interest you the most — and find the detail and data you need for your own team.

Cutting Edge Information developed this research to help medical information call center leaders in their improvement efforts. The report makes its case in three easy-to-navigate chapters:

Medical Information Structures, Headcounts and Budgets – As the first major point of contact between patients and doctors and the company, call centers set the tone between customers and the firm. For medical information teams to deliver the highest quality service, they must be structured well and own sufficient headcounts and budgets. This chapter investigates structure and staffing choices while determining how these influence call center budgets.

-Â Call Center Performance Measurement
-“ Surprisingly, metrics tracking is a largely under-utilized practice in medical information call centers. In this threatening environment, however, the first step toward improvement is tracking and measuring call center metrics. This chapter examines what measures companies currently track — and which ones all centers should be tracking. Benchmarks help call centers compare themselves against centers at top pharma companies.

 Call Center Process Improvement –“ Pharmaceutical companies that focus on making their call centers efficient, available and easy to navigate will earn customer raves. To ensure that customers have good experiences, medical information leaders build sound processes into their call centers. This chapter provides details of call center processes such as answering systems, agent availability, triage systems as well as response methodologies and internal communication.


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