Help Desk the Emerging Important Element of Call Center

HelpDesk of Call Center

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The revenue earning of a call center is generally a direct factor of the voice call departments, like answering service and outbound call center. This traditional model is changing with time. The modern day BPO receives a major contribution towards its revenue from non-voice departments as well, like help desk services. This is a very encouraging trend among the call center services providers. They can now make better profit margins with almost all their BPO service divisions hitting gold. Moreover, the income is now spread out over broader areas. This cuts down the risk factors of the firm failing to break even over a month or any other financial period. The variety of its clientele goes up as well, with many clients preferring to use the non-voice telemarketing facilities for their requirements.

Help desk facilities came into vogue when the call centers woke up to the internet and the tools that this medium provided. Here was a way of reaching out to a wider base of customers and users. BPO firms had to use the marketing tools provided by the internet. For example, they use the social media platforms for lead generation. There are various other Web 2.0 tools that the call center agents can make use of. There are the websites that many of them are using to drive traffic to a page containing the products and services of the client firm. The call center services dealing with websites and their optimization are being lapped up by clients who want to tap a global market through the internet. The internet provides them the opportunity to make a wider impact and promote their stuff on a much grander and effective scale.

Make no mistake here. The telemarketing sector is still a force to reckon with. Ask any call center agent and they will tell you that the bulk of the marketing is still something to do with telemarketing services. The non-voice methods of the BPO are still in the nascent stage. It’s being developed to support the voice call sections. If you are into the outbound call center, you will know about the troubles and hurdles caused by the Do Not Call lists in several countries. Unless you think of ways to combat them, these restrictions will shrink the space for BPO service in a way as to drive them towards extinction. It’s a better way to think of a contingency plan to back up the existent call center services and the help desk services provide just that.

Help desk services offer the call center to try out something new, something that they have not tried in the past. Clients are in the mood for experimentation if those yield results. To get call center agents who can handle help desk work like data entry, the BPO firm need not look far and wide. The pay for such call center services is lower than their answering service counterparts. It’s a significant investment that is guaranteed to make a mark in the near future.

The help desk services of our call center units are among the best in the market. Our BPO agents are adept in the skills required for these processes.


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