Five Must Have Qualities in Telemarketing Agents

five qualities call center agents must have

Pack of Five

Nothing can be done without a proper planning especially if you are a business man and desire big results and profits by hiring a call center to outsource a telemarketing project. For outsourcing call center services, you need to know the call centers which are actively involved in telemarketing. Also, you have to consider the legal backdrops and set services standards. Do they have enough backup of staff and power, just in case when they need?    You would need to know if they have deployed agents that can speak in different language so that your product can reach to wider bases and large numbers of potential buyers.

A call center stands and boasts on the power of its team of agents. The more versatile and talented call centers agents are, more the business flow and success rate for client is intended.  To make an informed decision, business owners and call centers have to practice mutual understanding and trust. But first, you need to identify which call center has the right agents for your business. Here are some tips that can help you to reach your ‘the right one’ possessing ‘the chosen ones’.

1) The agents are the foundation of any call center you opt for. They should be quick and responsible. Their confidence should be in positive way and echo well in their words. They should have decent knowhow of the market and the product they are going to sell.

2) They should have listening capabilities. Market runs on 60:40 rules for salesmen.  Whosoever sells, listens 60 percent and talks 40 percent. Customers should feel valued that they are listened to and their suggestions are welcomed.

3) Research is the cornerstone for any excellent BPO agent in the making. You can never predict the response, mood, feel, behavior or questions of customers. They have the tendency to compare your product with that of rival’s.  So, they should know the inside-out of market, your products and others.

4) Also, they should have the trait to pitch when the first opportunity strike. This can raise your sales figures and enhance the buying patterns. Call centers agents should be able to fill the glitches and difference through their answering skills. They should not coerce or overpower customers and let customers make their mind about the end –decision.

5) A call center agent should talk in a friendly manner rather than flattering or faking it. If a customer is experiencing problems due to a technical problem in product, he/she should feel sympathetic without overdoing it and in a very professional manner.


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