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guide to call centers for agents, how to find call centers

Guide for Beginners

Call centers have become the rapid growing business in many countries because of the need for mass hiring of employees. For example, a small Indian outsourcing company can now accommodate as many as two hundred employees in one branch. One might say that this is all due to its outsourcing nature wherein the call center is enthusiastic in handling the requests of its customers branching out to different aspects and levels of businesses of all sizes.

A company which has a call center or focuses on call center services will need to handle on outbound and inbound calls. The topics of conversations could range from customers asking about a product, a computer illiterate grandma asking for technical support, irate customers complaining and others.

Usually, it is an organization similar to a tree when it comes to hierarchy and career options but besides these, the call center has its own general elements of productivity that one has to understand in order to grasp what the full function of a Indian call center is. There are different call centers according to what type of work they do up to what elements they possess but regardless of any category one must know these five basic facts about this:

The first element, of course, is the agent or representative. An agent must always follow the policies of the company adhering to its sense of proper etiquette especially when it comes to customer calls. Representatives are given scheduled breaks and strict logs times on the call center’s systems. Their dress code is usually business casual to project a feel of professionalism even if the working environment is usually noisy, competitive and most of all stressful. Training on the product and training on proper procedures is imperative to provide satisfactory service for the customer.

The second type is the company’s operations. This part of call center is mostly responsible for observing and receiving the inbound and outbound call patterns from the outside. Their primary goal and duty is to sustain the customer service requests and as well as analyze the call volume reports so as to quickly make adjustments and routing calls.

The operations generally fall into two categories. Outsourcing and telemarketing are the major types. Telemarketing centers its functions on outgoing calls, usually regarding sales. It maybe built to win back a customer’s business through advertising, promotions and rebates. Meanwhile, outsourcing focuses its function on customer service wherein mostly inbound calls are handled and routed in on a toll-free number.

Compensation is another thing to consider when it comes to any job and the call center is anything but an exception. The call center agents are usually hired in on an experience-based pay scale where they also have the latent opportunity to earn bonuses and incentives based on their performance. An agent may also get a pay differential on a per-hour schedule. The high stress level and mostly graveyard shift schedule are factors that an agent should be duly compensated for.

Finally, schedule is the thing most people looking for jobs or already in a job would refer to when it came to the company. Night shifts are almost synonymous to this job. In a general sense, the number of hours worked and how it was performed name what time a team or an individual is scheduled. The more hours of work, the higher the pay as this kind job entails a 24/7 service with the telephone being the measuring instrument as it records the calls.

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