Call Center Help Desk : An Extension to Save Your Time and Money

Call Center Help Desk Business Support Saving Time and Money

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By outsourcing call center needs, your company can be represented professionally and efficiently. An outsourced help desk can be a seamless addition to your business, and it is a resourceful way to save time and money. It will cost your company a fraction of what it costs to use an in house staff to communicate with your customers.

An outsourced call center help desk has a highly trained staff capably promoting your products, and they answer your calls the way you want them to be answered. They offer a constant presence for customers, so if customers need to communicate with your company after hours, or during heavy call volume hours, an outsourced help desk will be accessible to meet their needs. Studies have also shown than an outsourced call center’s loss ratio on calls is better than average. This additional interaction and availability to customers leads to customer satisfaction and retention of their business.

If you partner with a call center help desk, in addition to having a high quality representation of your company, you have consolidated reporting. This helps analyze leads and ensures that customer requests are handled efficiently. Call centers allow for good feedback which is communicated to you to track business and get return business. This leads to cross sell and up sell opportunities.

If you have skilled employees taking time to answer calls in addition to an in house call center staff, it would be worthwhile to evaluate your processes to determine how costly your current situation is. Permanent employees are likely the most important asset to your business, but their time is very valuable. Take into account the costs to hire, train and supervise employees, as well as the cost of salary, health care and additional benefits. Additionally, studies have shown that the average employee only works 62% of the work day. When incoming calls are outsourced, the calls are billed by the minute which means total productivity. When the cost of taking a call by a permanent employee vs. an outsourced professional is compared, the difference is dramatic – from 75% to 90%! Your employees’ time is costly, so it is more efficient for them to be able to focus on their other tasks besides taking additional calls.

Now there are many call centers offer call center help desk solutions as per your business needs, they understand the importance of the company/client relationship, and offers premier call center solutions. These call centers work with your needs and budget, to create successful outsourced help desk solutions to save time and money for your clients.


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