Emotional Quotient Why Call Center Agents Require it?

emotional quotient in call center agents

Why You Require?

Emotional Quotient, as understood has nothing to do with emotions or intensity of it. Rather, it is about assessing the skills of one’s emotions under the given condition. This EQ factor has become a major indicator of the qualification criterion for selecting a candidate.

Call centers where agents have to go through lots of ups and downs schedule and stress wise EQ plays more significant role than IQ (Intelligent Quotient). EQ is a pattern to predict the behavioral compatibility of a person. Also, communication skills are deeply correlated to EQ. Strong EQ is also an indicator of self management and sociality traits in candidates.

EQ determines the personality traits of a person and his integrity under stressful working condition. As we all know, jobs @ call center test the patience and performance of workers.

It has been established that emotionally intelligent agents or call center workers with strong EQ capable to strong form communication link with not only peers but with clients, customers suchlike. They perform better and serve better than weak EQ agents. Strong EQ capabilities enhance their ability to handle timelines, work-loads and other stressful work-family related complicated issues. It also increases self motivation factor in agents. Strong EQ candidate have greater listening capabilities and ability to make strong connection with customers to solve their problems.

However, with appropriate training and by the time, it can be developed furthermore. If call center or BPO include EQ assessment in their recruitment process, chances are they can get strong personalities as agents that can help to reduce their attrition rates. Moreover, it increases the productivity in call centres and drops the rates of employee dissatisfaction over work schedules and pressures. The assessment at interview can maximize the return on investments by increasing the work capabilities and decreasing the retention or attrition problems.

EQ tests are based on four types of analysis namely: Self awareness, Self management, Social awareness and Relationship Management. Based on these, the HR team can create a framework of EQ tests and examine a candidate on the score of 0 to 10. The higher a candidate gives himself marks; more are the chances of his strong EQ.


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