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Call center outsourcing is on the top of the minds of business opinion leaders nowadays. Outsourcing of call center services has changed the very face of business operations of 21st century. Their offerings of cost neutral opportunities and skilled resources have created business opportunities and access to customers like never before. Contributing in the vast success of call centers are their services which can be majorly classified as voice and non-voice based.

Voice based services have made the approach towards customers easier and scalable. Addressing their expectations, needs and demands are customized and personalized both. Be it promotion of your product through telemarketing or offering discounts under up-selling or cross-selling services, voice services have done a magical job. The power of this magical voice based service lies in script. Your first hello leaves an indelible impression on callers. He can decide whether you are going to help him out or not. So, be careful as your ‘hello’ is the impression of company in the mind of customers. Do not talk in a hurried manner or rudely to a customer.

Call centre agents draft a calling script very carefully as it is the only thing that has the potential to impress the callers in a jiffy by involving them and letting them know that they are valuable and listened in. A calling script is a draft or framework according to which call center executives talk to the caller.

A wrong word or inappropriate script can ruin the reputation of company and business of call centre. In order to maintain and ensure holistic customer experience some quick tips are mentioned here to prepare a flawless script:

1) Simplicity: Do not use complicated words. If you want to keep the approach simple and uptight ‘Welcome’ or ‘Hello’ is more than enough. Use simple words so that anyone can understand them but do not excess it as customer may think that you understand them naive. Balancing a script is an art and practicing is the key. Take help of your supervisors to create a well drafted script. Sound smart yet easy is the mantra.

2) Greetings: If you are handling customers from different geographical region and you are unsure about the time zones then avoid acknowledgments like ‘Good Evening’ or ‘Morning’. Instead, use ‘Hello’ or ‘welcome’.

3) Personal Touch: Try to give a personal touch without irritating the customer. The difference between a recorded message and voice agents is the voice itself. A customized reply with a right dose of human touch can soothe the annoyed customers.

4) Precis: The performance of call center is judged on the basis of waiting time, response for a call and other metrics. So, call center agents should keep their call to the optimum level. It should not be either long or too short. Also, agents should not drop the call abruptly. ‘Anything else’ sounds too rude before placing the receiver down. It should be ‘Is there anything else I can do for you?’ or ‘Before I let you go, let me know if you have some other queries’.

The profitability of call center outsourcing depends on the performance of agents and qualities of the services. Every customer should be taken as valued individual that needs your help.


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