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Emotional Quotient Why Call Center Agents Require it?

emotional quotient in call center agents

Why You Require?

Emotional Quotient, as understood has nothing to do with emotions or intensity of it. Rather, it is about assessing the skills of one’s emotions under the given condition. This EQ factor has become a major indicator of the qualification criterion for selecting a candidate.

Call centers where agents have to go through lots of ups and downs schedule and stress wise EQ plays more significant role than IQ (Intelligent Quotient). EQ is a pattern to predict the behavioral compatibility of a person. Also, communication skills are deeply correlated to EQ. Strong EQ is also an indicator of self management and sociality traits in candidates.

EQ determines the personality traits of a person and his integrity under stressful working condition. As we all know, jobs @ call center test the patience and performance of workers.

It has been established that emotionally intelligent agents or call center workers with strong EQ capable to strong form communication link with not only peers but with clients, customers suchlike. They perform better and serve better than weak EQ agents. Strong EQ capabilities enhance their ability to handle timelines, work-loads and other stressful work-family related complicated issues. It also increases self motivation factor in agents. Strong EQ candidate have greater listening capabilities and ability to make strong connection with customers to solve their problems.

However, with appropriate training and by the time, it can be developed furthermore. If call center or BPO include EQ assessment in their recruitment process, chances are they can get strong personalities as agents that can help to reduce their attrition rates. Moreover, it increases the productivity in call centres and drops the rates of employee dissatisfaction over work schedules and pressures. The assessment at interview can maximize the return on investments by increasing the work capabilities and decreasing the retention or attrition problems.

EQ tests are based on four types of analysis namely: Self awareness, Self management, Social awareness and Relationship Management. Based on these, the HR team can create a framework of EQ tests and examine a candidate on the score of 0 to 10. The higher a candidate gives himself marks; more are the chances of his strong EQ.


Call Center Script

Call center outsourcing is on the top of the minds of business opinion leaders nowadays. Outsourcing of call center services has changed the very face of business operations of 21st century. Their offerings of cost neutral opportunities and skilled resources have created business opportunities and access to customers like never before. Contributing in the vast success of call centers are their services which can be majorly classified as voice and non-voice based.

Voice based services have made the approach towards customers easier and scalable. Addressing their expectations, needs and demands are customized and personalized both. Be it promotion of your product through telemarketing or offering discounts under up-selling or cross-selling services, voice services have done a magical job. The power of this magical voice based service lies in script. Your first hello leaves an indelible impression on callers. He can decide whether you are going to help him out or not. So, be careful as your ‘hello’ is the impression of company in the mind of customers. Do not talk in a hurried manner or rudely to a customer.

Call centre agents draft a calling script very carefully as it is the only thing that has the potential to impress the callers in a jiffy by involving them and letting them know that they are valuable and listened in. A calling script is a draft or framework according to which call center executives talk to the caller.

A wrong word or inappropriate script can ruin the reputation of company and business of call centre. In order to maintain and ensure holistic customer experience some quick tips are mentioned here to prepare a flawless script:

1) Simplicity: Do not use complicated words. If you want to keep the approach simple and uptight ‘Welcome’ or ‘Hello’ is more than enough. Use simple words so that anyone can understand them but do not excess it as customer may think that you understand them naive. Balancing a script is an art and practicing is the key. Take help of your supervisors to create a well drafted script. Sound smart yet easy is the mantra.

2) Greetings: If you are handling customers from different geographical region and you are unsure about the time zones then avoid acknowledgments like ‘Good Evening’ or ‘Morning’. Instead, use ‘Hello’ or ‘welcome’.

3) Personal Touch: Try to give a personal touch without irritating the customer. The difference between a recorded message and voice agents is the voice itself. A customized reply with a right dose of human touch can soothe the annoyed customers.

4) Precis: The performance of call center is judged on the basis of waiting time, response for a call and other metrics. So, call center agents should keep their call to the optimum level. It should not be either long or too short. Also, agents should not drop the call abruptly. ‘Anything else’ sounds too rude before placing the receiver down. It should be ‘Is there anything else I can do for you?’ or ‘Before I let you go, let me know if you have some other queries’.

The profitability of call center outsourcing depends on the performance of agents and qualities of the services. Every customer should be taken as valued individual that needs your help.

How We Get Profit in Business by Call Center

At this moment, Call center is growing fastest in business process outsourcing industry. They includes a wide range of services such as inbound and outbound, remote receptionist, online customer support, telemarketing services, email management, chat support, etc. The large organization and all business are looking to give better services to the customers and increase volume of sales. They are very helpful for them. It reduce human resource, use of assets, efforts of company.

Their agents communicate with targeted peoples and offer products and services is one for the major function with the customer support services. They communicate the benefits and discounts as well. They maintained client feedback and get concluding about what customer need. That is the direct way to reach the clients at all over the world. They provide 24/7 x 365 hours their services.

Provides all kind of services like:

• Inbound and Outbound
• Remote Receptionist
• Dealer Locate Services
• Online Customer Support
• Telemarketing Support
• Technical Support Services
• Help Desk Support Services
• E-mail Management
• Chat Support

They takes business projects and helps to chase their business goals. They helps to generate high quality leads, increase the number of clients, providing 24×7 hours services to the customers which results in profitability of company. They also helps to chase sales target by providing their regular services.

Many governments, large or small business organizations hire call centers and try to provide high quality services to the customer and make good reputation. Thus, Call center is profitable to the small or large business organization.

Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services Help to Grow the Business

Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services Grow Business

Growing You !

An inbound call center services are generally utilize by a small or large organizations which offers services, support or product selling business. Generally when a business attains some point where they can not handle the large volume customer query or requests with their limited resources, on that point of time it is likely to require an inbound call center services. To grow and nourish any business it is very important to satisfy the customer’s or consumers with ultimate customer satisfaction services.

Inbound call center services allows you to be confident when you are away from your office without worrying about your business knowing that your calls are being answered promptly, professionally, and courteously according to customer requirement and queries. Outsourcing your Inbound customer support and call center services in India is one of the best option as the call Center Industry in the country is emerging so rapidly. A large pool of highly educated and well trained professionals who take pride in their work and speak English properly are located in India. World class facilities and infrastructure and increasingly good telecoms connectivity is another reason which attract business owner to outsource their inbound services from India. Capability to handle a wide range of services 24×7 hrs at unbeatable and affordable price are just some of the other reasons why outsourcing customer support to India is so popular.

An inbound call center provides the facility to handle incoming calls rather than calling customer’s and offering some services or selling products, generally it all come under outbound services. Inbound services are basically implemented to improve both customer service and relationship management. Moreover, it is an effective way for acquiring growth while satisfying customers.

Outsourcing Inbound call center services can be a smart way to handle rapid growth of your organization or to save money. Most call centers offer several types of inbound call center services by considering all the areas that your business could benefit from:

1. Customer Services:– Series of activities required for enhancing the customer’s expectation and satisfactions.

2. Order Taking:- Live interaction between customer and the customer representative.

3. Help Desk Services:– An information and assistance service that answer common queries about the product or services.

4. Technical Support:- Assisting customers with technical problems associated with a particular product such as mobile phones, televisions, computer hardware and software, and other electronic or mechanical products.

5. Answering Services:– It focused primarily on taking messages for clients after normal working hours or during vacations.

6.Order Processing:- It refers to the activities involved right from the time the trained customer service representative receives a request for information, or an order for a product or service, through to the final step.

There are plenty of call centers which offer customized call center services to meet the requirement necessary for any organization and deliver best services to your potential customers. The efficient call center is equipped with the necessary infrastructures for customer support and advanced call center technologies. This includes best telephone systems, network of computers and smart customer services representatives with quality assurance teams.

Many organizations located in the economically strong countries like the US, Europe, Japan and Australia often outsource these inbound services from the developing countries for the purpose of saving both money and time. However, India is emerging out as a huge English speaking workforce in the world having patience and skills for the quality customer care services. For that reasons, many companies have opened their own offices in India to provide support to their customers and also there are many other company which believes blindly on call centers in India for the inbound customer care services and support operations.

Select Best BPO Call Center Company by Best Way

Selection Process

It should collect the worthwhile option of marketing and recovery and meeting customer’s requirement. A call center must have outstanding performance while rooting out all hurdles. Management should be reliable and customer centric accordingly. Their operation should be reliable and affordable.

BPO has strong hold through call center solutions. Apart of call-center management services, call center outsourcing offshore, call center software and other call center solutions who are giving services to offshore clients.

It is well known fact that “shops around and shuns pitfalls of under performance.” It is advisable to review more and more companies who have the same kind of services. This can be done easily by R&D.

It is recommended that people visit several call center-providing contacts before final selection. The fee for call center outsourcing must be in your budget without any obligations. It is advisable to scan various terms and restriction before agreement. Information is alleged to be a call center’s most powerful tool. Outsourcing your call center projects, you can reduce your overhead expenses on human resource and its legal compliance.

Gaining high altitudes in call center services is not a joke. It can be achieved through rigorous efforts and applying best management practices. These practices may include call center training, best management practices, keeping customer feedback and quality assurance. These strategies will be boon for any developing call center. For the stronger base of the company, often outsource their projects for cost effective, competitive, and agile methodology.

Call Center Companies Help To Cut Costs

Do you know why most call center companies are considered to be popular these days? Well, one of the major benefits that call center outsourcing can offer clients is the reduced costs or cutting of the operational costs. Without reducing the quality and the efficiency levels, call center units can help a business to develop and grow in a great way possible.

Most quality customer service set-ups cover great lengths to offer best customer support features as they usually include highly trained customer service agents who take the pride in offering quality services and work.

The call centre representatives happen to serve as an integral part of an organization and are found to play a significant role in catering diverse customer support services. In a customer service center, these representatives are found to be those people who directly interact with the customers. This way they help you to build a good customer relationship to stay for a long run.

The call centre agents are found to be the voice of an organization helping you out to build a good image among the potential customers. Hence, a call centre agents plays a key role in an organization. They are the ones who will resolve all the customer queries before the phone is hanged up.

If you are a customer then it will be important for you to get in more and more data and then check all of the issues. Customers can also ask questions in order to get more information so as to check out all of their own related issues. Ask questions and find out much about the situation.

Now if you are a businessman and have a definite business goal of offering excellent customer service to your email, telephone and web- based customers then you would really need professional help in the very first place. Professional call centers will help you to bring about superior customer support in the right place.

In the recent times, call centres are not only found answering to the phone calls but they are also found to look up and to quote the information, take up accurate and detailed messages and orders and lastly transmit and receive emails and faxes. Call centers as customer service units make sure that the right people get the right message.

In the competitive world of today, call centres are found to be dealing with diverse kinds of services. These services are found to be helpful for clients in every respect. The services put on offer include outbound and inbound call handling, chat and email support, back office support, help desk service to all clients based in different parts of the world.

In order to ensure that the customers are handled in a professional manner, most quality call center set ups will help you to get benefits of the customized services. Hence, businesses will be able to customize a variety of services as per the needs of the customers. Most of the customer service centers include well-qualified and experienced agents those help you in answering to all your customer calls 24/7.

Call Center Services: How It Helps You To Grow Business and Make Brand

Call Center Services : Support for Your Business

Helping You

What is one thing that start-up businesses with limited resources have in common with Fortune 500 companies that boast of zillions in their customer contact lists? It is probably the common conundrum of how to communicate and connect with their customers and clients in a meaningful, efficient and timely manner and how to ensure that each contact is handled both professionally and at a personal level.

Apart from being a nodal center to receive a company’s inbound calls and to make outbound calls, the call center has turned into a 24/7/365 employee performing an entire gamut of critical functions for the company to help it grow its business and build brands.

They also relay information between the companies and their target audience. Call center agents communicate new product offerings and discounts on popular services of the company to the customers. In doing so, they portray themselves as direct representatives of the company and are properly trained in the processes and procedures involved.

The complete menu of services on offer

In their present-day avatar, call centers have evolved into one-stop shops with a wide array of services on offer and an entire collection of customized value-added functions. Listed below are some of the unique aspects of call centers that companies keep raving about:

* Efficient and automatic call distribution: This feature ensures that customer calls are not caught up in queues waiting for their turn with a particular agent while other lines are free. Calls are automatically distributed to the waiting agents, improving the response time and ensuring client satisfaction.

* Integration of computer and telephone: Call center agents are all armed with high-end digitized database that helps them provide answers and make suggestions to customers on a real time basis, ensuring proper dissemination of information required by the client.

* Automatic dialers and telemarketing lists: These aids allow the call center agents to go through the customer lists with ease. They eliminating the need for any paper work and the stress of finding the target segment for the appropriate offers, hence, streamlining the communication process.

Software provides excellent customer connect

Call center services had cumbersome beginnings of an agent wielding a phone, a pen, a thick book of the yellow pages and an operations manual of the company. But the advent of the call center software that combined all of these clumsy tools into a super-convenient intuitive digital interface changed it all and allowed more time and energy to actually connect with the customers.

* Pre-written scripts: Pre-written scripts keep the agent from fumbling and groping for information. They arm the representatives with a ready and easy account of the latest products and services on offer and prevents communication from going totally mechanical and turning the customers off.

* Software for do-not-call compliance: Outbound calls need to comply with the local, state and federal laws. This system of checks and balances prevents companies from drifting into dangerous waters by helping them keep away from the Do Not Call lists.

* Fulfillment Software: All the information and paraphernalia, ranging from application forms to credit card processors needed by call center agents are pre-loaded into their action template. The software takes care of the process from the beginning to the end.

In a word, call centers can prove to be highly satisfying catalysts in cementing ties between businesses and customers, and helping companies embark on a new growth path.

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