Working Stress and Its Impact on Call Center Agents Performance

Working in call center is lucrative and full of opportunities but what most of actually avoid or simply miss out the fact the stress factor involved in jobs of call centers. From rude customers to rigorous quality measures adapted by call center management, call center agents have to face deep down stress and mounting pressure of work.

You may agree with the thing that handling thousands of calls in a night’s time under the quality monitoring checks is no child’s play and the racism and insults from the customers make the whole thing worse.

As per WWW stress is defined as the restrain or pressure on a person’s emotional and physical well being. Stressful employees are no good and won’t take you anywhere. Stressful workers can be compared to a ready-to -explode volcano that could be burst into negativity and violent behavior anytime and nobody would want their employees to get irritate or talk non-sense when some burning issue with customer come up or to spoil the working environment.

So, to promote their own growth, BPO services providers should take care of the psychological and emotional demands of the employees. They need to get motivated and inspired rather than thinking that the next customer may speak ill with them or they won’t be able to answer as their information is inadequate. The eight hour working time should be used to boost their internal growth and performance as a worker.

The Stress Buster Solutions:-

•      Many call centers are taking readily steps as they have recognized the seriousness of the problem. They are implying various measures to help them let go of the stress, frustration and ill feelings they have received or gotten into because of call or a bad performance.

•      They are organizing fortnightly clinic workshops with psychologists to help them to relieve the stress.

•      Yoga, gyms, sports and indoor meets are being conducted to overcome the workload in a fun way.

•      Call center services providers are providing training to the agents to avoid the stress for their own good. This could affect not only their job but also create an adverse impact on health and personal life.


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