Issues Which Constraint Best Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction ConstraintCall center services thrive on customer satisfaction. The key elements to derive customers’ satisfaction are their fast and effective services. Call centers believe that a negative feedback can reach to 100 people while a happy customer can spread positive word about their services to 10 other potential customers. Naturally, these ten customers have more weight-age in the perspective of call centers.

According to a new study, the performance of call centers in terms of customer satisfaction depend heavily on the success rates of first call resolution and conflict management. The study reveals that across the call centers of business verticals, almost one fifth of the callers hung up before their query is resolved and 68 percent of those, who had their queries resolved at the first time, were termed at the counter of defection and could quit even after the resolution.

The major reason behind the irresolution of the queries at first time is lack of proper knowledge about the product and poor communication skills of the callers. The report consolidates the fact stated above. It clearly mentions that only 45 percent of queries were solved by the Customer Support Representatives with poor communication skills and 88 percent of issues were tackled at the first attempt by good reps.

The report also mentions that call centers services can strengthen the customer bond with a product and fasten customer loyalty further more. Call center can be of much significance in their growth and survival.

The other issue that curbs the customer satisfaction level is inability to manage conflict between the employees, management or employees -customer. To handle this, BPOs should develop an approach that could speak of unified universal language in some emergency situations as in employee customer conflict. A call center employee should adept the skills of satisfying customers while fulfilling customer’s interest simultaneously.

In situations like confronting an angry customer or some miscommunication, reps should take help of their supervisors and stay focus and practice patience. Monthly meetings or fun -meets should be conducted to develop harmony and amity between staff members.


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