Call Centers : How to Motivate Work Atmosphere?

Call Center industry has been on an exponential growth rate and expanding from mere offering customers oriented support to much more comprehensive strategic restructuring service providers. From wide array of services, quality technology, infrastructure; call center outsourcing has evolved in a larger than life way but the only thing which has remained in- situ is their backbone that is their customer representatives. Call center deploys highly qualified and skilled manpower to ensure seamless operations. Strict schedules, rigorous disciplines and pressurized atmosphere lead to the attrition of agents. Keep them motivated and dedicated long enough is what call centers struggle about most.

To keep your workforce on the wheels and motivated try these sure shots success formulas:

1) Give them their due recognition for their work. This will help them to improve their work and develop a healthy competition. A pat on back or just two words ‘Well done’ can make them loyal worker. A face to face approach or personal ‘Thank You’ has magical aura around it.

2) A candid atmosphere and freewheeling no holds barred conversation between supervisors and agents can vent up work frustrations and negative feelings. Timely sports camps can also be good getaways for your agents.

3) Call centers offer great compensations and salary to the employees. To prevent the job hopping tendency, your invested money and efforts, you should develop a framework of consistent quality approach. Cultivate their skills and give them opportunities to grow professionally.

4) Improve and fill the gaping holes the communication between management and agents. Try to implement a communication draft where problems, issues and tiffs should be addressed and solutions encouraged. Make team meetings regular and fun things.

5) A supervisor should know the positive and negative traits of his team. He should try to bring the strengths more strongly. They should be part of annual management surveys and goals.

6) The last but the most important part is to deal with your always unmotivated staff members who can ruin the overall efforts you have done. Try to talk to them and figure out the key problems. Force them to make a decision about a project. This can help them to realize the responsibility a work place holds.


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