Call Center : Improve the Perfomance to Get Maximum

Innovative software, industry expertise and proven business practices are deployed by every call center but only some of these are able to kick it up a notch while some others become a dampened squib.  Despite of every mandatory infrastructure, performance levels of the success and results of call centers differ hugely. To remain viable and stand apart in this outsourcing call center industry, it is necessary to evaluate the performance and maintain the qualitative yardsticks across the processes.

These performance metrics can give you wonderful insights and knowledge into the realms of customer service and experience.

1)      First Call Resolution(FCR)
A recent research has established the value of FCR all over again.  Even one percent of improvement can bounce the efficacy of services of call centers.  Also, you can enjoy several benefits such as reduced operational costs, lower revenue risks, higher employee and customer satisfaction.

2)      Service Level and Response Time
Classics never die. Same is true for service level and response time metrics. In today’s modern time these older techniques are still effective as new. With these, you can know your reach and accessibility to the customers or the actual volume of received and answered calls.

3)      Schedule Adherence
The management of log in time and taking calls of an agent during his shift can be a critical tool to gauge the quality of the services being provided in your contact centers. Agents cannot control the volume and influx of calls but management can regulates the time being spent on line and wasted. With this you can come to know the actual productivity per agent by taking an account of the numbers of calls one takes.

4)      Forecasting Accuracy
This performance metrics is decided on a comparison between the number of calls received and forecasted by an inbound call center within a definite period of time. This helps to determine a BPO to evaluate the number of staffers employed in terms of understaffing or overstaffing.

5)      Accessibility and Self Service
This helps you to determine how actually helpful is IVR and other interactive web applications are in comparison with Live agents? Are customers really approaching them or their deployed off load services are putting them off?

6)      Contact Quality
How your agents are receiving your customers? Are they using proper pleasantries or just skipping it off and being rude. Are they polite or fake?  Through proper monitoring or live.


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