Telemarketing and How Can Make it Successful?

Telemarketing service has been around for a long time, but in the recent years it has been increasing demand. India especially has suddenly become a hub for telemarketing jobs. Not even local products, lots of products across the globe are being outsourced for telemarketing in India.

Telemarketers can work in a variety of ways. In most of the cases job of Telemarketing agents involve calling to the people and spreading awareness of the products and services, and confirm sales deal on phone.

Outbound Telemarketing jobs require the executive to make outgoing calls using a ‘script’ prepared by the management, aiming to sale products and services. For each agent it is very important to know the telemarketing script proper to make customer interaction more healthy sale oriented.

The Telemarketing agents have a strict schedule to follow and they need to make a certain number of calls within a fixed period of time. This requires for any TeleCaller to keep the calls as short as possible.

Telemarketing is not easy task and if you really want to make Telemarketing project successful then it is very important that you have well qualified telemarketing executive. As speaking is a skill and there are certain techniques that have to be practiced by agent in order to achieve desire results and to be a successful telemarketing call center. Motivation also plays very important role and is the key to successful telemarketing. So always try to keep you staff motivated. Motivation can determine whether or not a telemarketer speaks in a professional manner with customers.

One of the vital parts of telemarketing is that each call center agent should be very well aware about call format, from starting to end and flow of call should be very effective through the customer conversation. Call format should be in below format and it is very important for call center agent that he or she should follow each point properly so that they can generate more sales.

Call Format –

1. Introduction

2. Description of the product

3. Price details of product

4. The value and features of the product

5. How to order the product

6. The closing of the sales

Telemarketing executives need to show very professional attitude during the customer interaction as customers will never have to deal with an agent that displays a poor attitude because they know that the key to success is professionalism and information.


1 Response to “Telemarketing and How Can Make it Successful?”

  1. 1 Jonathan February 24, 2010 at 8:47 am

    When looking at telemarketing, you generally have the choice of outsourcing or keeping in-house.

    There are advantages to both methods, covering control, costs, set-up times, etc. In either case, as the poster suggested, careful planning must be done to ensure the telemarketing campaign is a success.

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