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Call Center Solutions

Call Centers India (CCI) has a variety of call center solutions that meet the requirements of the operations of inbound call center, outbound call centers and call centers combined. Our solutions, to be based on open source technologies, offer the same features and functionality of proprietary platforms call centers, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our hosted solutions and customer premises have the following characteristics:

* Function of automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR), which make efficient operations and improve customer service.
* Marked predictive dialing modes, maximizing agent productivity and increase sales.
* Statistics live and historical reports for calls, agents, call queues, lists and campaigns.
* Quality assurance tools that include: call recording, call monitoring, and discontinuation whisper of announcement.
* Productivity tools for labor management.

Call Centers India (CCI) provides service in many countries. If your required good call center service requirement, we can offer a solution that meets your business requirements and technology budget.


New Generation Call Centers Required

It is time to implement the old vision of the win-win situation between customers and companies gain experience in practice. One possible approach to this is to transform the much reviled Call Center Customer Value Center.

Many call centers have been established only in the 90s in order to handle efficiently the customer. You could tell it. The pressure on the efficiency and thus on the costs, drove the waiting loop in the air, put on staff skills and their mood and did one thing not intended: to increase customer satisfaction. In the new millennium, the industry then spoke of contact centers and service centers that offer comprehensive services through various channels of contact. This has laid the foundation to develop from the call center as a cost factor to an internal service providers that have a significant contribution to corporate value creation. Now we are about to form real, developing Customer Value Center ‘to. What to do concretely?

The Formation of Professional Call Centers

A professional call center, you can expect to be trained in multiple forms, before you make your first call. The initial stage of education and training includes lectures by experts in these centers on the challenges of calls from customer care, sales or receipts. Most companies give employees a large number of documents including product brochures, training manuals for proper interaction.

The most important tool in the poll staff call centers is the script. Communicators, head of customer service and other professionals, developed the script for a successful customer interaction. Many companies train their employees to follow this script to call customers to the point of feeling comfortable using them naturally. There is a tendency in corporations, to prevent stiffness in the calls, facilitating communication between Empel and the client.

There are a small number and applicants, reaching the final step of training in call centers. Those who succeed, are assigned a more experienced operator for several turns, they can hear the calls made, and likewise certain calls may be monitored in order to adapt to the mechanics of these.

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