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Further in terms of call center

While companies in many industries in the universities are courting the rare offspring, they rely on call centers are still a majority that stuck on the student or another assistant. The profession of the customer service manager is on graduates so far largely unknown, and the company did not invest adequately in employer branding and marketing for the profession.

That offer themselves to the ambitious future leaders in customer service management exciting career opportunities that really is obvious, because companies depend not only her job, but out of all their processes to their customers. Customer service, whether to keep service or company site, therefore becoming increasingly necessary and withdrawal at the highest management level. This also increases the demands on those who are professionally active in this field.

Stands in stark disproportion to the current attractiveness of the industry. Academics who still want to pursue this path, find it difficult to find the right introduction to: Rule rights “academic docks” as she wants the headhunter Iris Gordel, there are hardly any. A classic introduction for graduate students in the Customer Service Center is the position of “Assistant to the Executive Board. Really good entry level – opportunities for academics, there is more to business than on-site service, for example in CRM.
Companies have recognized the signs of time, focus on academic work and their own candidate and graduate days. This is particularly important as many college graduates would have an activity in Customer Management or no misconceptions. In many cases, would also offer less attractive because, because structurally rejected call center locations. “Because a lot of education work to be done. We have an urgent need to catch up on all levels: structures, Employer Branding, Communications of the entry points and perspectives.


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