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Working in a Customer Contact Center

working in customer contact center

Working in a customer contact center an is a relatively easy task, but it can be difficult sometimes, especially when it comes to angry customers. In the United States, the customer contact center, most offer a comfortable workplace for employees. Many of them have full kitchen with adjacent rest rooms where employees can eat their meals. Since some customer contact centers are open 24 hours a day, depending on your shift, an employee could be breakfast, lunch or dinner at work. The shifts are usually eight hours unless the employee works part-time, the number of hours part-time shifts vary from center to center, while part-time could mean that the employee will continue to impede shifts of eight hours work, however, only 2 or 3 days per week instead of the usual five days working week, eight hours per day.

Employees working in customer contact centers receive customer calls and depending on the company or the campaign that particular work, the calls usually come one after the other. In fact, in many points of contact with customers, employees are “qualified” for the speed with which they can solve customer problems, making it an advantage to resolve each call quickly and move to the next. This rating system will often have their roots in the fact that most contact centers with customers are paid per call, ie the company that has contracted to provide its customer service pays a fee established for each call received by the center you should make as many calls as possible.


Location of Call Center

There are more than two million customer service representatives working in call centers in the United States and that does not take into account all possible support and other employment centers. Throughout the world, more than four million jobs in the call center, many of which can be found in India, Canada, Africa, the United Kingdom and Philippines.

Call centers can be found in many large and medium-sized metropolitan areas in the United States. Jacksonville, Florida is home too many different types of call centers, such as those relating to the management of calls from mobile phones services, insurance, computer solutions, banking, and more. Many call centers are owned by the companies providing services, others hire an outside company that provides third-party solution to manage customers of other companies. This type of company hires the representatives and provides customer service, technical support, or whatever the particular need. The caller does not know whether they are indeed speaking with a representative from the company they are doing business with, or a third party acting for the company, but as far as customer service and satisfaction are concerned, customers should receive the same care regardless of the company that handles the call.

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