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Solutions for Customer Contact Centers

Customer Contact Center Solution

Many companies have their own area of customer support and other outsourced to a third party who is in the business of providing solutions to customer service. Customers cannot say when you call a call center if they are really talking to someone from the company which is doing business with or are speaking with a representative who is an employee hired for customer service. In any situation, you should, both the representatives and the company providing the best possible customer service.

For some companies, it makes sense outsourcing or the outsourcing of their customer relationships, so that these services are provided by a third. It may, or both pay a flat fee or pay per call, as is common for large amounts of customer contact centers. In this way, the company can focus on other aspects of managing their businesses, such as product development, while quiet to be sure their clients are being served. They do not have to recruit staff takes calls or provide health insurance or other benefits, but you pay another company to manage and receive detailed informs which can assesses how well their customers are being served.


IT-BPO Firms on Alert

Swine Flu Alert

The swine flu outbreak has forced the IT-BPO companies here to issue travel advisories to their employees. The epidemic crossed new borders on Tuesday, with the first cases confirmed in West Asia and the Asia-Pacific regions, even as the number of deaths in Mexico crossed the 150-mark, according to reports.

India’s largest BPO, Genpact, has taken measures to protect its employees in Mexico against the H1N1 swine influenza. “Genpact would like to confirm that the State of Chihuahua, where its Mexico operations are based, has not detected any case of infection or death from the H1N1 swine influenza, designated as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by WHO,” said the company in a communication to its Mexico employees.

“The Genpact team in Latin America has moved swiftly to educate employees about the outbreak. The company has requested employees suffering from fever, cough, diarrhoea or vomiting to seek medical assistance immediately and stay at home. Optimum cleanliness levels are also being maintained in the company’s premises,” said the statement.

The company is implementing similar measures at other facilities in countries that are likely to be hit by the virus.

India’s second-largest IT services provider, Infosys Technologies, which had 221 employees located in Mexico at the end of the fourth quarter of FY09, has said that none of the company’s employees in Mexico has been affected by the flu. The company has not issued any travel advisory to its employees.

“We are closely monitoring the situation. In the event of a an outbreak we will work with our customers and employees at onsite locations to take the necessary action,” a company spokesperson said. Infosys has close to 12,000 people located in Americas, including Mexico.

India’s third largest IT company, Wipro, said the company was in the process of issuing required travel advisories.

Laxman Badiga, CIO, Wipro, said, “We are aware of the developing situation. Our employees at the locations of high alert are safe as of now.”

Source: Business Standard

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