Offshoring, what you can do to decrease the chances of its failure

Offshoring is the most luring method for reduce cost of company operations but the move is risky because of cultural barriers, which can put customers off. It wouldn’t take you too long with a calculator and even ballpark figures to determine that offshoring your call centers could potentially be one of two things: a huge cost savings or one of the biggest expenses your company will ever face. So how do you make sure it’s the former and not the latter? A new white paper by Mark W. Brodsky and Dina Vance of Ulysses Learning makes the point that following best practices in hiring, training and management is the No. 1 tool in ensuring success for an offshore call center.

Cultural differences, heavy accents, inadequate training and insufficient hiring practices can lead to poor customer satisfaction experiences, causing a loss of customer loyalty and ultimately a loss in sales. The offshore outsourcing model is fraught with failed experiments. It’s also full of success stories.

It’s important to understand why some offshore call centers have failed. Accent neutralization training and taking Western names can help overcome those challenges. But research also shows that if the agent is truly helpful, the significance of the accent dissipates. U.S.-based customers expect a rep to offer empathy, ask thoughtful questions, use strong word choices and take control of the situation. However, in other countries, some of those traits are deemed offensive, which means that you can’t expect an overseas rep to instinctively employ them.

According to Ulysses Learning, there are four key aspects to consider when creating the foundation for a successful offshore call center. They are:

Brand: Companies need to take strong and clear decision to keep their branding strategy to their offshoring companies, they must convey their requirement and branding needs to company. They have to entrust this to an offshore or near-shore call enter, you need to make sure they are managing your customers in an effective way mat supports your brand. This can be accomplished through training.

Recruitment: You must have all details and requirement of your process and to fulfill those requirements, what are the qualities you need in your representatives. Make it strict hiring policy to follow the requirement so that you wont waste your precious time and money in hiring wrong peoples for your customer service.

Training: Training is very essential to make all things goes well as per planning and strategy. You must have good trainer whether they are voice and ascent or process trainer and most important thing these peoples must have full details about the process and the minor and major details of the process and products.




2 Responses to “Offshoring, what you can do to decrease the chances of its failure”

  1. 1 kulinliko April 17, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Here author tried his best effort to higlights some points that can help to decrease the chances of failure of offshore like Brand , Recuirtment , Training & as per my experience training is acquisition of knowledge and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational as well as it is an imporatnt part for the employee so that they can do better for project . So for doing or keeping good work training is much more important because progress of the work depends upon the training only.

  2. 2 Call Center Technology India April 17, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    It is most important to use the right technology , especially when your customer from a particular country is being dealt with by an employee from a very different one.If not dealt with properly you may find that your CRM techniques may have backfired.

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