Outbound Telemarketing Firm

The scope of outbound Telemarketing is not limited to making sales and can include within its appointment setting, lead generation, surveys, market research, list cleaning, database update, seminar registration, fund raising, and client reactivation to name a few.

In an outbound telemarketing call center, calls are initiated by agents to customers. A system of predictive dialing is used wherein an automatic dialer looks up customer telephone numbers from a database, screens it for a live contact and transfers the live call to an available agent.


Placing call to a customer with no prior relationship with the firm is called a “cold call”. Cold calls can generate leads to sell products. Whenever a customer gets a call regarding sales or product information he/ she can quickly become perturbed if the agent is not clear in communication or takes too much of the customer is time. For this reason agents of an outbound telemarketing firm need to have excellent communication skills. They have to possess an all round knowledge of the products and services they sell and have the ability to explain and persuade a customer in a concise and precise manner depending on the awareness level of the customer. Training of agents plays a vital part in an outbound telemarketing firms. Agents are trained in voice and accent modulation, product and service knowledge, customer need evaluation, persuasion skills and telephone etiquettes.

Agents in an outbound telemarketing firm are required to handle a call strictly according to a script provided by the call center’s quality assurance department. The script contains how a called should be initiated, how the call flow should be like, and how the call should be ended. Since most calls are similar in nature, an agent can become bored and his attention level may drop after making a few calls. An agent should never let the boredom become evident to a customer, as it may jeopardize the call in terms of sale and annoy the customer on the other side. Maintaining enthusiasm and friendliness throughout the call flow is one of the essential requirements of an outbound telemarketing agent.


3 Responses to “Outbound Telemarketing Firm”

  1. 1 Sumeet Kumar Jain April 3, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Need to have more on this topic

  2. 2 krelihopper April 9, 2008 at 9:36 am

    Telemarketing industry have created new challenges for management. Rapid technological developments in computers and telecommunications coupled with significant growth. As in the telesales agent has to handle the call in a very soft way so that customer be properly awared about the product.

  3. 3 Rockey Richardson May 16, 2008 at 7:57 am

    The Onset of Offshore Outbound Telemarketing with Globally Competitive Features. Times are changing, and businesses need to adapt to survive and succeed in this fast-paced, global trend of hi-technology.

    Offshore outbound telemarketing remains one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet and reach the worldwide market. However, with the expansion of the usage of this method, it has become increasingly difficult to launch a successful offshore outbound telemarketing campaign.

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