Throat Infection: Health Risk for Call Centers Employees

With incessant talking, listening and looking at the computer screen coupled with irregular job timings and night shifts, about four per cent of the people engaged in the BPO industry have been observed to be suffering from voice loss, according to a study conducted in Britain. Long hours of work, permanent night shifts, incredibly high work targets, loss of identity are these dark clouds that threaten to mar the sunshine call center industry.

The odd timings and nature of work roots people to a chair 9 hrs a day, reading pre-scripted conversations on the phone endlessly – often to irate customers from across the globe.Where every single second of employee’s time is recorded, measured and automatically logged onto a computer for praise or censure on a daily & weekly basis. Where walking down to the water cooler for a drink and a chat with a friend message up performance metrics, salaries and hikes. Where the three act of listening, watching, and talking – all at the same time – never get a break.This performance monitoring also puts enormous stress on the employees. Talking to the customer without taking any breaks is creating a problem for the call centers employees. It happens sometimes that taking the 2 calls continuously without any break. And the normal call timing of one call is 30 minute. So it’s hard for the employee to talk continuously and some of them will get the throat problem.Is there any way to protect the throat infections of the call centers employee? Yes, by taking some precautions you let your self to be away from this danger. Here we are giving some point for the call centers employees to keep protected them self from throat infection while on the floor.

 Before Reply The Caller Listen Carefully: The customers are very important for the company. The first call is attended by the agents. Sometimes calling customers will not give time to agent to speak. As an agent you have to listen patiently to customers asking and reply them according to the query. By doing this small thing you can first save your energy of speaking the thing again and again for the explanation. 

Don’t Shout – Be Polite: When you are on call then it is a time to keep your voice soft and melodious. It is very true that customers sometime get angry due to bad services but remember if you also start shouting on customers then you may loose your good voice and get problem in throat. 

Take Breaks: Try to avoid taking calls continuously. Take small breaks while calling. If you do so then in this way you are giving rest to your throat and making your self ready for the next call with new energy. As we know the call duration is of 20 or 30 minutes sometimes, so taking one small break after the end of call is not a bad idea.

Drink Water: To save your throat to get dry we have to drink the water at randomly. In this way we will not meet with the problem of dry throat and the voice will not get hard. If you will be drinking the water randomly in small amount then you will feel the effect also.

Have Good and Hygienic Food: The main concern is food quality. As the call centers employees are working in night so the food quality must be hygienic and fresh. Don’t go for the too much spicy or salty food. Have some good quality food which must be tasty and nutritious to boost your energy level. Don’t have hot and cold together if you are not able to control then take 15 minute of break. Remember your voice is good because your throat is in best condition. If you had cold and hot thing together then it may happen that your throat will damage and you will loose the opportunity to call to the customers. So be careful.


4 Responses to “Throat Infection: Health Risk for Call Centers Employees”

  1. 1 Hanish keloth December 14, 2007 at 8:27 am

    its good………………..

  2. 2 katherine m March 27, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Throat Infection which is a health risk of a call centres employess “as talking & giving reply to the query of a customer is really a tough challenge for the agents as no body knows that in
    which way customer is going to ask a query”. So giving quikly reply to the customer queris by maintaining the voice ascent. is totally dependent upon the Throat.

    “So taking care of health one should take proper hygienic food as well as proper rest at proper time,which gives much more helpful to keep body healthy & disease free”.

  3. 3 Call center India March 25, 2011 at 9:03 am

    I totally agree with your point here! I admire the stuff you post and the quality information you offer in your blog! Keep up the awesome work dude.

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