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Throat Infection: Health Risk for Call Centers Employees

With incessant talking, listening and looking at the computer screen coupled with irregular job timings and night shifts, about four per cent of the people engaged in the BPO industry have been observed to be suffering from voice loss, according to a study conducted in Britain. Long hours of work, permanent night shifts, incredibly high work targets, loss of identity are these dark clouds that threaten to mar the sunshine call center industry.

The odd timings and nature of work roots people to a chair 9 hrs a day, reading pre-scripted conversations on the phone endlessly – often to irate customers from across the globe.Where every single second of employee’s time is recorded, measured and automatically logged onto a computer for praise or censure on a daily & weekly basis. Where walking down to the water cooler for a drink and a chat with a friend message up performance metrics, salaries and hikes. Where the three act of listening, watching, and talking – all at the same time – never get a break.This performance monitoring also puts enormous stress on the employees. Talking to the customer without taking any breaks is creating a problem for the call centers employees. It happens sometimes that taking the 2 calls continuously without any break. And the normal call timing of one call is 30 minute. So it’s hard for the employee to talk continuously and some of them will get the throat problem.Is there any way to protect the throat infections of the call centers employee? Yes, by taking some precautions you let your self to be away from this danger. Here we are giving some point for the call centers employees to keep protected them self from throat infection while on the floor.

 Before Reply The Caller Listen Carefully: The customers are very important for the company. The first call is attended by the agents. Sometimes calling customers will not give time to agent to speak. As an agent you have to listen patiently to customers asking and reply them according to the query. By doing this small thing you can first save your energy of speaking the thing again and again for the explanation. 

Don’t Shout – Be Polite: When you are on call then it is a time to keep your voice soft and melodious. It is very true that customers sometime get angry due to bad services but remember if you also start shouting on customers then you may loose your good voice and get problem in throat. 

Take Breaks: Try to avoid taking calls continuously. Take small breaks while calling. If you do so then in this way you are giving rest to your throat and making your self ready for the next call with new energy. As we know the call duration is of 20 or 30 minutes sometimes, so taking one small break after the end of call is not a bad idea.

Drink Water: To save your throat to get dry we have to drink the water at randomly. In this way we will not meet with the problem of dry throat and the voice will not get hard. If you will be drinking the water randomly in small amount then you will feel the effect also.

Have Good and Hygienic Food: The main concern is food quality. As the call centers employees are working in night so the food quality must be hygienic and fresh. Don’t go for the too much spicy or salty food. Have some good quality food which must be tasty and nutritious to boost your energy level. Don’t have hot and cold together if you are not able to control then take 15 minute of break. Remember your voice is good because your throat is in best condition. If you had cold and hot thing together then it may happen that your throat will damage and you will loose the opportunity to call to the customers. So be careful.


Call Center Night Shift: Effects On Health

The call centers are really very exciting and give lot of comfort to employee. The employee of the call centers really enjoys the environment of the work. The night shift jobs will give the lot of freedom to the employees so they love to work in this shift. But here is important factor comes for the health that is night shift is not good for the heart. Sometime we are busy with the schedule work and couldn’t give much time to do the health based excursuses it may be you have heard about the bad effective on the heart while working in night at call centers.

Let me say differently: are night shift call center people at risk to heart attack or heart related problem more than day workers?  According to the study from the different sources, here we are providing some informative message for this topic.People who work nights are more prone to a dangerous heart condition – possibly because of the chronic stress caused by their work patterns. A research suggests that “employees who worked in day shifts are more safe then the night shift employees. The chances of heart attack are very high for the night shift employees few more reasons are lack of sleep, continue stressing etc, chronic stress is cited as the main reason.”  

The researchers say an irregular heartbeat can be an indicator a person will go on to develop more serious heart problems.Here, the question arises in our mind i.e. Why health problems occur for call center agents working in night shifts? Mostly it happens because human body’s natural circadian rhythms tell that the concerned person should not be working when he or she should take sleep. 

Many of our physical and chemical roles keep fluctuating during different times of the day. Take for example; let me tell you something about cortisol concentration which changes daily.  Cortisol is the most potent glucocorticoid produced by the human adrenal.This peaks during the morning hours when glucose is needed for activity and reaches its low point late in the evening. So the chances of heart attacks are very high in the morning time.It is important to take a proper rest while working in the night shift at call centers and we can avoid the heart attacks.

Online Marketing or Advertisement

The future of the marketing is now slowly depending on the internet. The internet is becoming the main source for promoting the product information online and through e-mail. Various types of online marketing include: affiliate programs, search engine optimization, banner advertising, directory enhancement, posts to moderated discussion lists, newsgroups, and forums, email advertising, online press releases. Despite what those firms who promise to “increase search engine traffic to your website” may tell you, there is no magic formula for online marketing success. Successful web-based marketing happens only with careful planning, timely execution, persistent monitoring, and ongoing improvement of the results you achieve.

The profit and growth of the business is depends on the way of marketing. The interactive way to focus the customers for your product is an online marketing. Now it depends on your strategy of marketing. So it is very essential to work closely with each client to match their online marketing strategy with their business strategy. Your focus should be to increase the number of quality leads and paying customers to your web site. These are few points to provide you the best information for the online marketing. You will be happy to read these below points. Below are the points about the efforts of the online marketing strategy.

Online Market Analysis When you opt for the online marketing then the first process is starts to understand the resources and your business requirements. Expert web-marketing professionals do the auditing of your business environment. This includes a feasibility study to help us better understand your goals and identify key performance areas. In this study the expert web masters will take a full view of your resources and the target customers. The final report of the analysis is always making according to the growth and to achieve the target of the company. A good analysis is always done by a well experienced person of the online marketing team. Your budget is declared after this analysis, keeping your maximum profit first. Marketing Campaign After doing an analysis for the business the next step comes i.e. Marketing Campaign.

To reach the target customer the campaign is important part of the online marketing. The strategy of the campaign will only decide the victory at the end. All campaigns are custom-fit to your business requirements and are constantly monitored and adjusted to optimize revenue. The results are always reached to the target once the campaign starts for your online marketing. The Key Factors and Competitors: The key factor is to keep the eyes on the marketing advertisement. The expert online webmasters will give the consulting based on their own experienced for the successful online marketing.

Competitors are always be there to surpass you, so it’s important to keep the eyes on them also.

Strategic Approach To Improving Customer Service

As the current time is changing too fast, the needs and the demands of customers are also changing constantly. The good organizations are also changing their strategy to fulfill the customer’s expectations and to prove their organization as a customer oriented. Most customer service centers are giving the best service to be best suited on the customers needs and working speedily to increase the level of satisfaction of their potential customers. The important Question comes that “What should be measured and how?” As contact centers have become more sophisticated, there are significant opportunities to transform the customer experience, add value and multiply returns.

 Most customer service centers have concentrate on the daily incoming calls. To measured there are important opportunities to transform the customer experience, add value and multiply returns. The one good way is quick reply to the customers query but here one thing is very important i.e. if the information lacks the necessary knowledge and skill level to solve the customer’s issue, then the only thing the company has accomplished is frustrating its customer 20 seconds sooner.

For any organization or customer services center have only one goal to provide the best efficiency for customer services. To be a one the strategy of interaction to customer is very necessary. Success has changed little over the years due to automata ion in data management.

Call centers are typically pretty good at measuring what happened in terms of when a call arrived, where it went, and how long it took, but are not as good at linking the result or outcome of the call. To build a customer-centric environment, companies need to base agent rewards on their ability to satisfy customers. Using the voice of the customer as a quality metric will encourage agents to deliver better performance because they have a direct stake in what they are being measured against.

The key is the ability to link the outcomes with the people and the processes that were involved in each of the transactions. This will result in more accurate evaluations and help you better focus your training efforts. By rewarding agents who were able to arrange regular call-backs, the company was quickly able to change agent behavior, while increasing both sales and customer satisfaction. If agents are measured strictly on talk time, they may not care whether they solve a customer’s problem, as long as they wrap the call quickly.

The company’s accountants or the contact centre manager may be happy, but hardly anyone else is. Bottom line: you can’t measure speed and think that a positive speed of answer metric translates to customer satisfaction. Does a company benefit more by saving 20 seconds on a call, or by winning a customer for life by taking extra time to create a satisfying experience? The problem lies in how you determine which metrics are most important for measuring agents’ performance; and how you use the information to motivate agents, identify specific problems and improve their performance. More powerful than written surveys is the ability to give customers the option of answering automated survey questions from an IVR system upon completing a call or right after the service interaction.

This provides data that can be immediately acted upon in terms of agent coaching, or to trigger actions designed to save potentially lost customers to competitors. This is the clearest way to isolate problems and identify how and where to focus your improvement efforts.

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