Smart Way To Get Information From Call Centers

Most customers call to the customer care when they get any problem in their purchased products or if they want to take some useful information from the call center. They dial the company’s phone number expecting that someone from the company will respond to their needs. Indeed, someone would take the call. But too often, that someone does not originate from the phone company office.

The person at the other end of the line answers from a call center.

If your approach to get the information for your damage products is not right then remember that the customer service representative will most likely hang up the phone.

To get the accurate and full information for your desired query, here are some good manners for customer.

1. BE CALM: When you are calling to customer care stay calm and do not shout. Realize that the call center agent did not manufacture the defective product you just purchased. They are lowly employee paid to answer the calls of the customers. If you come up with angry attitude then you are just dialing a wrong number. So remain calm.

2. BE POLITE: You have to give the answer with politeness when agents will ask you certain questions like your name, address, birthday, etc. This is for verification purposes. Call center management requires this procedure. Don’t get irritate by the call center agent. Instead, answer the questions properly.

3. BE SPECIFIC: Give the essential details like the name the product, model number, name of the store outlet you purchased it from, the date and time, etc. Giving this essential information will greatly help and speed up the kind of help you need. Remember you are complaining about a defective product in this instance, kindly state your problem very clearly.

4. LISTEN CAREFULLY: As soon as the call center agents process your issue, they will respond properly. Listen carefully. In this particular instance, you bought a defective product and you either want it replaced or repaired. If you want it replaced, they will give instructions on how to proceed. If you want it repaired, Agent will then set the necessary appointment

5. SAY THANK YOU: After getting all the information on how to proceed, you are requested to confirm what you understand. Most customers simply hang up the phone after hearing the call center agent’s instruction, not knowing the basic information given to them. And when customer will get some problem again then they have to call to customer care and do the same process again. But if you want to save your time just check the details before hung up the call. And when you feel now you have get all the point about the process then at last say thank you to the customer care agent. It will show that you are good person.


1 Response to “Smart Way To Get Information From Call Centers”

  1. 1 Jaya Mathur March 18, 2008 at 11:27 am

    The title chosen by author is one of its kind, the main concern of ours is whenever we talking to call center we always noticing and keeping close eye on how the CCE/CCR are talking to us, (caller, who is looking for information from call center)but there are so many things which is described in this blog that as user we also need to take care of few points while looking for information we want from call center.

    A very bold and nice attempt by author, I would like to congratulate him for such informative writting.

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